Streaming movies or watching it in a cinema? 🎞

So, which is better in your opinion, and more importantly, why?

Personally I think that they both have their pros and cons, but I have to admit that in general the convenience of streaming a movie wins it for me.


  • Large selection of movies for relatively affordable prices
  • Flexibility, you can watch and stop any time you want. Meaning breaks whenever you want, or you can just try a movie, if it isn’t your taste you can click of right away without waisting time.
  • Watching in bed under a blanket with a snack and a hot drink, isn’t that just the best way to spend a lazy evening, in my opinion it is :eyes:
  • You sometimes have to be patient if you really want to see a movie


  • It’s really an activity, something rad to do with friends/a date
  • The whole experience of the light and sound, in no way I could claim that at home on your device you would have that experience.
  • Many movies are only accessible in the cinema in the beginning, so much quicker access.

Do you agree with my points, or do you have any other opinions?


I honestly prefer streaming these days
I used to love the cinema but now I don’t like paying a stupid amount of money to get back ache watching a movie I may or may not enjoy


I agree with El, the cinema now has gotten really expensive. I don’t even pay attention to new releases now 'cause of it.

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What do we all think, I would love to hear more opinions on this. If it really is about the actual movie I prefer streaming, for an experience and activity with friends the cinema is still better in my opinion.

I like streaming on my own. It’s hard for me to focus and I like to watch these things on my own so that I can pause when I want to.

streaming all the way
i have more control over what i’m watching, it’s comfy and i don’t have to leave home, i can eat anything (and i’m not charged ridiculous prices for my food), i can control my environment better, pause, skip, fast forward or back, etc

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I LOVE streaming on my own–definitely do that more often. but, I love going out w/ friends to the movies! tbh I’m very extroverted, so perhaps that’s why. anything I do, I do w/ them & they with me.

alternatively, I def prefer making a movie night/potluck out of it at our homes. way better <33 + can be as loud as we want :bangbang:


Cinema for more epic movies or horror (Super Mario, Quantumania, Evil Dead). For streaming I prefer comedy, romance, and dramas.

I used to love going to cinemas and popcorn made it even better lol
But now I usually regret it and wish i was watching at home.

I think it has to do with wanting to be able to multi task and look at my phone, which maybe isn’t good haha

Ive also gotten good at making popcorn at home that i like haha.

As much as I love the convenience of streaming, especially for older movies, there’s still something special about seeing a movie for the first time in a theatre

It’s also a fun way to spend time with people because then after the movie, you can discuss it together