Struggles with Promoting your story

Everyone has struggled with promoting their stories when it comes to episode, books, Wattpad, and any other writing platform. I’m going to list some universal struggles here. We can discuss how to fix these struggles in a manageable manner.

  1. Weekly promoting your story

    • In order to get recognition for your story you will have to promote it each week. That means keeping up with writing more episodes for the story, taking screenshots of your story to show it off, make videos of your story if you have the means to do so, and keeping up with feedback from readers.
  2. Using Social Media to promote your story

    • If you are not a big social media user like me who only uses it to share paint by number images from those apps. Then this will be a hard one for you. You have to keep up with weekly to biweekly updates on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms you use. That means you have to get out of your comfort zone to bring notice to your story. Also, you can make your own adverts that similar to episode adverts if you have an episode story you are working on. I will make a thread on this soon. Another way to promote your story through social media is to post character bios of your characters. Make a blog about your characters like best selling authors have done.
  3. Coming up with an excerpt from the new chapter, episode, book, and so on.

    • It’s hard to know how to summarize a new addition to your story without giving away the core details inside. You will want to pick the scenes that portray the light you want for the readers to pick up on. This really only works for Episode, Wattpad, and possibly Tapas. Otherwise, the readers would just rely on the description of a book instead plus the prologue before the book completely starts.
  4. Keeping up with new parts to the story

    • If you are writing a story like Episode, Webtoons, Wattpad, and Tapas. You will be adding parts of the story instead of publishing the full story. I would suggest using a planner program for your story to keep up with the plot. It will be best to work on your story for a short period a day but do make sure to take a day off during the week. You will burn out if you don’t do this. This process can help you keep up with adding to the story. There are many threads on here that go over what programs to use for storyboarding. I would also check out @ShanniiWrites main website for more information as well.

If you have any other struggles you go through when writing and promoting your story. Did any of this help? Have you gone through these struggles before as well?



I’ve never felt the need to hardcore promote any story. But I like your tips. :+1:t3: I think that being consistent and just writing and updating you story is a great way to start. Don’t worry about the reads at first, make sure that you’re writing on the story.


Exactly! @liyahsdiamond just keep writing on your stories like fraud said!


Thank youuuu!

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You’re welcome!

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I myself haven’t needed to actively promote a story of my own yet as I usually do it on the side and end up not finishing, but I imagine this will be very helpful if I ever do need to. As I am a person who ends up going for a long time without updating, the planner program tip is seriously a good one that many tip lists miss. :eyes: Engagement matters too.

@Writers, although I myself haven’t, I know that a lot of you have completed/ongoing stories yourselves! Does any of the above apply to you? Do you have any more tips to add?


I don’t really promote it to anyone other then my friends – I guess my best advice is to be patient and just kinda don’t expect it to be this big blockbuster


I mean yeah, unless you’re getting a lot of professional help but still don’t expect your story to blow up lol.


Do you have any questions to ask? Feedback to give? I’m sure other writers would love to hear more than one person’s view on the matter.


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Right now, I’m struggling with this as well. I don’t know how some authors just release a story and in 24 hours, their Instagram stories are filled with screenshots that readers posted. It’s kind of motivating, to be honest, because I just released my story yesterday, and I only have 4 reads so far. But 3 of them are from a R4R who didn’t really leave me any specific feedback. (Specific feedback to me is when you actually mention details, characters’ names, particular scenes, or lines of dialogue, not just ‘Your story is good’ and a screenshot of the chapter menu).

I’ve been looking for reviews, but I can’t find a good review thread on the Episode forums, and all the ones I know about on Instagram are closed. I did fill out the form for Cat’s Reviews, so I’m really looking forward to reading them.

And, sorry for ranting, but I’m feeling very discouraged now because I think my story is good, and I want to be able to discuss it with other people.


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