Sugar Waxing - An Alternative Form of Waxing

Normal waxing is known as a really freakin’ painful way of hair removal. Sugar waxing is an alternative waxing which is much less painful than the original.

The sugaring paste is all-natural, consisting of only lemon, sugar and water. Sugaring is less painful because it only pulls out the hairs and doesn’t affect the actual surface of the skin. Hot wax, on the other hand, pulls out hairs and skin cells, which is hella painful and can cause redness, swelling inflammation and bruising. Also the wax can burn your skin if it’s too hot, especially in sensitive areas.

This is how sugaring is done:

Sugaring paste is soft enough to penetrate into the pores, where it adheres to individual hairs, and pulls them out from the roots. The technician starts the treatment by cleaning the skin with a gentle cleanser made of ingredients like aloe, witch hazel, and tea tree oil. Then, powder is put on the area to provide a protective barrier between the skin and the paste. The technician molds the paste in their hands to warm it up and make it easier to work with. Then they smooth the warm (not hot) paste on, rubbing it on against the hair growth. To remove, they then flick the hand back, going with the growth, pulling up hairs with the paste.

They use the same ball of paste throughout the treatment—moulding the paste in their hands repeatedly between applications—repeating this process until each area is clean.

Creds go to: (I Tried Sugaring and I'll Never Get Waxed Again | SELF)

I’ve never been waxed traditionally, the first waxing I ever did was a sugar wax 'cause my mum wanted to make sure I experienced as little pain as possible, which was sweet of her. I’m pretty bad at handling pain too so this was definitely a positive move. I have nothing bad to say about sugaring, it was a fine experience. It wasn’t painless, but it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been either.
And my legs were ~sooooo smooth~ for like weeks afterward :ok_hand:t5:

Anyway have you people ever tried traditional waxing? Based on that experience, would you ever try sugaring? Why or not?


Then you can lick it off! kidding…kinda

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it seems really interesting, but I’ve never tried it or traditional waxing

Never waxing before. But it’s definitely cheaper.
You just need sugar, water and lemon lol.

I heard it’s less painful than waxing too. :eyes:

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I mean, you can eat the excess. :joy:

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lol i kinda wanna try this now

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It issss
I mean I’ve never gotten regular waxing but I’ve done sugar waxing and I wasn’t screaming like you see them doing

word girl :star_struck:

Experiencing it is good, I think
It doesn’t even have to be a regular thing, you can just go and see what you think about it


oooh interesting what did you think of it? :eyes:

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