Supply teacher horror stories

Now supply teachers are people I do sometimes feel bad for because they, like most teachers, are just trying to do their jobs. Yet they do get taken advantage of.

Now what I will say is that I have had some really bad supply teachers that in general were just rude. Like there was this one who asked me if I was able to speak basic English :upside_down_face:


A what?

A supply teacher is basically a teacher who stands in for your actual teacher when they can’t be there

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Oh, a substitute.

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Yeah that

Different countries must call them different things.

@Students come on guys, share your substitute/suppy teacher horror stories!

Aside from the one I mentioned in the OP:

  • I had a supply teacher who lost control over the class completely and started crying, I would have felt bad for her if her method of trying to teach us wasn’t inspired by the 1800’s but yeahhh

  • As most of you know I’m very bad at maths, a supply teacher wouldn’t let me go to lunch until I’d finished the questions on a page of a text book even though the actual teacher had left specific instructions for me.

  • I once had an art supply teacher who held my art book up and said something I’d drawn in year 7 completely sucked like obviously it sucks I’m not good at art but WAY TO CALL ME OUT GENIUS

  • I had a French supply teacher who called us all a very mean name :disappointed_relieved:

Primary school supply teachers…oh boy! Where do I begin?

When I was in year 3, I remember this one substitute teacher was such a b***h!

For no reason, she put my name on the board (the naughty list) just because some stupid boy next to me, tried to scare me when I heard the other boy, encourage him to scare me when I blatantly heard him say “Scare M***a!”
I was so annoyed that I gently knocked him away from me, telling him to leave me alone and that the supply teacher had the audacity to put my name on the board. Thank goodness, I had witnesses, that day so the supply teacher wiped my name off the board and let me go out for play time (morning recess).

In secondary school, I don’t remember having issues with some supply teachers even though I hated the deputy head who took over my science lesson back in year 9. I can’t stand her after that one time, she interrogated me over a really painful experience that she snitched to my mum about something that I was grounded for no freaking reason!

Ah yeah in primary school I was ill once and this was in year 2 where you have the SAT’s (before the ones you take in year 6) and I’d been sent in with a note that said I had to go to the toilet if I asked, no questions asked they had to let me go. But this one supply teacher supervising the test said “I’m not allowing you to leave the room” so I said “I have [illness] and it’s important that I go to the toilet when I need to, there’s a note there” and the teacher just wouldn’t let me so I just cried.

I just want to say that during more important (far more important) exams you are allowed to go to the toilet :joy:

oh boy do i have some stories:

  • in third grade a supply teacher TAPED A KID’S MOUTH SHUT because he was disruptive
  • in tenth grade, a supply teacher did not allow me to eat in class despite me explaining to him that i had a special permission because i have health problems… and well i ended up fainting during his class because i didn’t eat : )
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Yeah I had a yikes one that made me cry lol. I mean, he wasn’t terrible but he definitely isn’t up there with my favorite teachers lol. It was kinda because I was at a new school and in this math class and the math teacher that was supposed to be there was gone for a few months and he gave me like very basic math and I basically freaked out because he was giving me a book on basic fractions when I had already done algebra in 6th grade… That was a class called individualized math.
Had another more recently. So like, my class is advanced lit and the teacher trusts us to just take over when she’s gone and be able to discuss. Well, one time this teacher didn’t really listen to us and ig was trying to do something and it basically led to us kinda not discussing the book at all and us just telling her about the book because she hadn’t read it. I mean she wasn’t terrible she was fine lol. I just wish she trusted us enough to do class ourselves.

Oh no what exactly did she do?

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She demanded alot of things let’s just say that :joy:
My class was literally awful but if you demanded things from them instead of asked things then they’d just destroy everything
But she was very very yelly

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Added some tags, but also…
In the 8th grade, my social studies teacher left on pregnancy leave. She was so mean, so I was glad that she wasn’t going to be there. I mean, she actually took my watch away just because it beeped whenever the hour changed! I couldn’t stand her.
Basically, the subs were a lot nicer than she was. The first one was an elderly lady without outdated methods… she was boring, but not a witch like the normal teacher. The only bad thing that happened was that she told me that I’d get arthritis from cracking my knuckles.

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