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So, I’m not sure who all has checked Tales Creator out. It’s another interactive story platform similar to both Dorian and Episode. Though the characters are more expressive like Dorian than Episode. This is not just your regular interactive novel platform. You can write in many different types of writing. Such as the standard novel, text message-based writing, interactive novel writing with effects, character and novel writing, and the biggest character and dialogue writing. You can even create audiobooks and comics as well. You can mix certain styles or keep them separate instead.

Here is the main website:

This is a video talking about what Tales is about:

The biggest thing about Tales Creator is that you don’t have to worry about bringing up real people, places, and other copyrighted stuff that is banned on Episode. For instance, in my historical drama, I don’t have to change the names of people like George Washington, John Andre, Peggy Shippen, and many others because they are real people. That doesn’t mean I won’t write the story on Episode either but I can still put the true story out there without all the big changes. Now, one thing you can not do is write fanfiction. You will need to stick to the forums, archive of our own, and so on for that writing. Also, another thing to take in is that this platform caters to adult romance novels such as erotica and so on. The app is rated for Teens so it’s the same rating as Episode. Each company is different with its maturity ratings in the app. Meaning what is accessible in the online reader might not be accessible in the app. I have not gone through the app much yet since I’m focused on plotting everything storywise. Both @liyahsdiamond and @RainbowCat have looked around on Tales Creator as well. You can always ask them questions about it!



I will have to check it out!


Sounds good to me!


Sorry, I haven’t had time to brainstorm with others so I’m posting here for help. This is me asking for help to write my stories on Tales. I just need some outside thoughts. I already posted on Tales community but they aren’t very active sometimes on the forums.

Prose: Novel Style
Branching: Adding Choices in

Story One: Daughter of the Blue Dragon

So, this is for a story on Episode but I will be transferring it here over the next few months as well. I have a couple of questions basically The story follows the life of Lena Okumura who is the daughter of a Japanese Yakuza boss Lin Okumura. She is forced into an arranged marriage but before the wedding happens tragedy strikes. This causes Lena to run away while healing from serious wounds.

First Question: Alright, I’m trying to figure out how to write the scene where Lena gets seriously wounded during a shootout. I haven’t written a scene like this before. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Question Two: This question is about the time period after the shootout. Lena has been transported out of the country from Japan to America. She is recovering in one of her cousin’s houses. There is going to be a time-lapse once she lands the stateside. How long of a time gap should I use for the full recovery time period where she isn’t healthy enough to go anywhere? Note that the gunshot wounds are around the upper chest per se. I was originally going to go with 3 months but now I think it might not be enough time.

Question Three: Also, I have sound in this story which I would like to keep as part of the mix. So, what types of sound effects do tales have? Including music? I haven’t actually started writing on tales so I haven’t tried certain things out.

Story Two: Back In Time: A Forlorn Romance

Okay, so I’m not really sure of what way to go about this story when it comes to Tamsin going back in time. For instance, something happens that makes Tamsin fall into a coma but when she wakes up, she is no longer in her normal time period which is the modern world. It’s 1775 to between 1783 basically in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Question One: Which idea sounds better? Or Should I think of another way to go about it?

Idea One

So, this one way I could go with the coma route. Tamsin could either fall directly into the coma then get thrown into the late 1700s during the American Revolutionary War while she navigates through her time there.

Idea Two

This is the other way I could go with it. She has a series of blackouts where she “dreams” of being in the late 1700s Philadelphia. Then after going to figure out why she has been “fainting” which leads to the blackouts she falls into a unexpected coma that leads her to realize the blackouts weren’t just dreams. She then deals with the reality of going back into time or something else of even stranger events is happening to her.

I have more questions too. This might be a bit of a spoil but not everything is set in stone yet.

Question Two: Should I make the time during the late 1700s as memories? Or Should she have to navigate her life there without the previous knowledge of her past self other than the stories she was told growing up?

Story Context

Tamsin is the spitting image of one her ancestors. She even went by the same name even. The stories Tamsin was told that Tamsin of the past died at a very young age during the American Revolutionary War time. She was an active woman who fell in love with a British soldier. I don’t want to give too much away but her character isn’t the only one with a past life during the American Revolutionary War.

Question Three: Should I use prose or portraits instead? Also, would branching be a good idea for this story?

Story Three: Fairy Tale

That title isn’t the final title but it’s just a temporary title. I haven’t iron out all the ideas for this story. I’m still working on the main plot for it but here are the ideas I have come up with. Let me know what you think!

Question one: which idea should I go with?

Idea One

Alright, this idea focuses on Fairy Tales and Legends around the world. The world of the Fairy Tales and Legends can be accessed by a certain few who have the powers to enter the fair tale world. Kendra and her younger twin sisters have inherited this power from both of their parents when they passed in a car accident. Unbeknownst to Kendra and the twins the Keep of Fates needs their help to restore order to the fairy tale and Legend world’s. Note, that the world’s won’t be the exactly the same as the old tales and Legends go over because they will be descendants of the original characters. If you have ever played the Dark Parables series then you would get the gist kind of. It’s still in the first stages.

Idea Two

The other idea still keeps the same premise of the first idea but instead of it just being fairy tales and Legends it would include literary work as well. Such as the main character is writing a novel but she unknowingly brings her novel to life. The problem is once a world has been created it can’t return to just being a story. That world keeps going with people going about their lives in that world. The Keeper of the Fate intrusts the safety of these worlds and new worlds that could come to life in the siblings after their parents deaths. He goes to great measures to make sure they learn how to hone their powers so that they don’t open anymore worlds by “accident”. They have to run by the Keeper for any new worlds to be opened. Someone is threatening these rules by causing havoc in the world’s which Kendra and her sisters have to fix while taking care of their ow lives as well.

Question Two: How to explain that the characters won’t be exactly like the true characters of the fairy tales and Legends?

Context behind the question

So, I as mentioned above in the ideas part. Some of the characters will not be the same. Also, Kendra will have a main connection to the King Arthur legend world in more ways than just helping the world stabilize again. For instance, some characters will be gender bender. Some characters who were animals could be humans instead. Little changes like that will be the case or the characters might even be “descendants” of the original characters as well.

Question Three: Should I use branching with this story?

Last Story: Souls Series

This is my main novel series that I have been working on for the longest time. It’s not fully written down since there is a lot going on in the series. I always end up second guessing what I have written which has made the writing part a slow progress.

Question One: Do you write while publishing as you go? Or Do you write multiple parts then release them?

Ouestion Two: How much character building do you use for your stories? Or Do you build them while you continuously write?

Question Three: Should I go with a scientific genus naming system for the different animals in my story?

Context of what I'm going for

Like for instance, I was working on one for the different dragon races in my story which I came up with this combination “draco volantem glacies quadruplex” which translate to “the flying dragon of ice quadruple”. If you capitalize draco it becomes a loose translation of the meaning. Latin can be tricky sometimes. I’m wanting something similar to like the magic creatures system in Harry Potter and Star Wars as well. I love the scientific part of the Star Wars animal classifications and species classifications but I also like the more mystical version of Harry Potter. I kind of trying to put both together without coming off bad.

Question Four: Should I start at an earlier point in main characters life?

Context of Question

So, my characters have extremely long lifespans. Like over a million years because their dimensions are older than the human dimensions. Time also moves more quickly which means their age actually changes in the human dimensions. I was thinking of starting at my main character being 500,000 years old then using flashbacks for times when she was younger. Though now I’m thinking that maybe I should start from a younger age instead. D



Sooo… I’ve just had a look at Tales and it seems interesting.

After reading the OP, I’m wondering if you guys have created and published anything on there, (@liyahsdiamond, @RainbowCat, @WolfGamerGirl37)?


I’ve seen Tales before! No published works yet.

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Oh, is it not that good?

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I haven’t published my stories either. Mainly due to the fact I’m revamping the episode version of the Daughter of the Blue Dragon series. I want to finish updating each episode before I transfer them over. I will also need to cut out a lot of directing that episode uses which Tales doesn’t use. I really like Tales for the most part. I’ve been working on getting my characters for the stories made that way I don’t have to go back to make them later on. I have a lot of characters in the Blue Dragon story which I will probably have to omit some scenes as well. There is one thing I do not like about Tales is the fact you can’t access it on a phone. It has to be on the computer only. I’ll post some character pictures in a post below.


I was going to wait until I got more screenshots taken of other characters but I think it will be good to post them now instead. This is a sneakpeek at what the characters you can make on Tales.

This is what the main character from my main book series looks like. Her name is Dantesha, if you follow my otome stories you’ll recognize the name.
These are pictures of characters from my American Revolutionary story.

Peggy Shippen

Different outfits I made for George Washington, I’m going with the more fancier blue outfit since I didn’t like the first out I made for him. It was not right for the time period but this one matches pretty well.
actor_u13891_neutral.178199be-0e9a-428e-b11a-43b0355e55af (1)

Ben Gates - A general during the war.


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I mean, why wait, why not post one or two at a time? Users are more likely to read a shorter post than if they have to scroll. I should know, I’m one of them.

Yeah, I recognise the name. HAHA

I do really like the options here though, it seems to have much more variety than Episode.


Yeah, was just reading up on it on the site and it looks like a mix of Episode and Tapas. Seems cool.

Might start reading some.


Yep, It’s really cool! I love it. I messed up when I wrote Ben Gates in the post, it’s Horatio Gates actually. The war one delay is mainly due to research since I’m wanting to get an idea of the time period I’m writing on. I’ve made multiple characters for the stories I have in the works. Especially Fairy Tale, still haven’t come up with a name yet.

Lol I know! I was going to take screenshots later of the other characters. These are just the ones I have on hand at the moment. It’s not easy to take screenshots of the characters since the smaller images will because blurry if expanded. You have to take them in the create a character section. I’ll post them like a couple to three pics a post probably.


Ah, right. Okay.
What’s Fairy Tale?

Yeah, that’s why I was only suggesting sharing one or two at a time. Easier for you and will be more posts in the long run, so more forum activity.

Also, have created a group tag, @TalesTroupe, and added you (hope that’s okay), as I’ve started reading on Tales. They’re pretty good and easy to read, so was gonna share.


Yeah, I’m excited though about sharing character pictures! I’ve been waiting to do this for the past few weeks. Fairy Tale is a story where the main character Kendra and her sisters find out they have a special gift they inherited from their parents after their’s deaths in a car accident. They have the powers to enter into fairy tales. A dark force as put the fairytale world’s in peril and it’s up to Kendra and her sisters to put the fairytale world’s back in order again. Except for King Arthur. That one is connected to the Kendra in a distinct way. I’m excited about writing this one. I’m bringing The Spiral Tree in with a small connection but that story will be on its own entirely. Yes, that is the Murder Mystery story I proposed to you a year or so ago.

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Oooooooh… yes, that does sound interesting. Will read this or be a beta reader when you’re ready. (wink)

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Yep, I will do that then!

Great! I’m glad you made a tag for it! We should try to recommend stories we read then on here!

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Yep! I’ll let you know when I’m ready for a beta reader!

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Yes, we should. That’s what I’m gonna try do with the thread I just made.

Cool. (salute)

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Okay cool, I’ll check it out in a minute!


Not that! I’ve just been busy writing Deadly Nightshade on Episode. I have checked it out though, seems pretty interesting.