Tattoos: Invisible Ink and Special Affects you can scan with your phone

An invisible tattoo is one you get with ink that can only be seen under UV light, this is good for people who’s jobs may restrict them from getting tattoos or people who would rather have the tattoo as something only they are aware of.

Special affect tattoos (this also includes green screen tattoos) that you can scan with your phone are basically the exact opposite of this :joy: for example:


What do you think?
Which do you prefer?
Do you think they’re a good idea?


As someone who saw scars and beauty marks move around as I grew (I was a really clumsy kid…I also fell out of a moving vehicle and the scar on my elbow literally traveled from my elbow all the way around to the other edge of the bend of my arm as I grew O_O")…and seeing faded tattoos that needed to be re-inked…I left that up to my older siblings. One had one done while in the military. The other one stupidly placed the name of her ex-husband on her inner thigh back when they were married and had to get it removed by the time she married husband number four. Talk about double the pain.

tldr: Nope, even invisible tattoos fade or move.

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They kinda creep me out a little when thinking about them. Though the video helped some.

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