Technical Description of a Zombie

We’re all heard about zombies. Whether it be in stories from friends, books, films, TV shows, or even at Halloween. Though we all have our own interpretations of how a zombie appears, so how do you describe a zombie in your mind?

Share your technical description of a Zombie below, @Writers!


Rotting, shuffling, corpse.


A zombie should be a dead person who has come back to life, yet they don’t have any control over their bodies. They’re thoughtless, mindless, shuffling heathens who’s sole purpose it to eat flesh. I’ve seen a lot of interpretations of zombies over the years, and I’ve got to say that one of the best I’ve seen is Jonathan Maberry’s Rot & Ruin. Whatever virus is spreading kills it’s victims before they come back to life; which is exactly what a zombie is, undead.
One of the major mistakes when identifying zombies, in my opinion, is when people assume that just because they crave flesh and are mindless, that they are zombies when this isn’t necessarily true. They’re missing one major requirement: being undead. The Last of Us was able to see the difference in the two, as the creatures in that game are caused by a fungus and aren’t technically zombies as, to quote Joel, “Dead people can’t turn.” They even prove this as they’re called Infected, not zombies.
TL;DR: Zombies should be dead. Not cannibals, not someone that turned while still being alive, they should be reanimated corpses. Whether it be by the use of witchcraft, spores, a virus, man made, or whatever else. To be a zombie, they must come back to life.

Of course this^ is just my opinion


Right! They should be undead. I agree.

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