Teletubbies cute or scary?

I personally think they’re really cute and I miss my teddies :sob:

  • Cute
  • Scary

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Teletubbies are scary asf :fearful: I’ve always hated them. Whenever my mum or dad used to put it for me on tv they’d come back to meet me on the floor crying with my toy knife trying to tear apart my Teletubby dolls :kissing:they still freak me out tho-

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Why did you have dolls of them…if you were scared of them

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my mum bought them :star_struck: she also bought me dolls even though I didnt like them. I guess because my older brother loved Teletubbies, she thought I’d as well

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Dang that sucks :joy:

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Yeah ik :joy:
I ended up giving them to my younger brother, but they look really weird now. The red one is almost purple, the green one has patches of brown, the yellow ones head is almost of. The only one that looks ok is the purple one, and he’s the creepiest :sleepy:


Ugly -

Cute? Why is that a option? What is cute about this??image

They look better blurred

They are cute af

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This was one of my favorite shows as a toddler :star_struck:


I think I watched it when I was a toddler.
I bet all my money two dollars that I cried my eyes out lol

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Lol no, they’re scary looking teddies :sob:

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