The 100 (Netflix)

So I finally finished the show like twenty minutes ago
And I’m like wowza

Here have a trailer to season 1

There are 7 seasons, and basically the main plot it starts with is that earth ended in a nuclear war thingy and the remains of mankind lived on a space station called the ark. 97 years after the supposed end of the world, the life support systems of the space ship start failing and they need to find a solution or they all die. So they send a group of 100 (102 but that’s a different story) juvenile delinquents on a space ship to the ground to see if it’s survivable, and the show goes on from there, on the group, their lives, surviving, the fact that they weren’t alone on earth and lots more

I personally love this show, I’ve never finished it before now but I watched it years ago and stopped after season 4 because season 5 didn’t come out yet at the time and now the show is already finished so I came back to it :sunglasses: but overall it’s a really interesting show and is never boring, they manage to find ways to make the plot even crazier every season and I love that
Rad show y’all should watch

@ ScreenSloths have any of you watched it? Any thoughts? Opinions? Favourite characters?


I know @jaytastic was a fan 'cause she started RP based on the show back on EF!


is that rodrick I see :grinning:

ALSO ~ I havent watched this yet but now I want to :sob:

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It’s Jasper :triumph: yes that’s Rodrick sigh I just googled that

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lmao Rodrick got hot over the years :hot_face: I MEAN JASPER - yes Jasper is hot


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Oooh I started this but I haven’t gotten around to getting back into it my sister refuses to be around to watch hhhhhhhhh damn extroverts
It’s really cool though I like

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I watched the whole series, I used to like it, but in the end I was not too happy about how they finished it. Also I read on Wikipedia that the show differs a lot from the books, like they invented new characters and left others out and made major changes. For example, in the books the Grounders are peaceful and don’t have martial and barbaric rites. :thinking:

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Neither tbh
Not sure what I think about the ending but I don’t think I’m a fan

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r yu hooman? :grinning:

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No sir

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