The 100 Threads Challenge πŸŽ‰

The 100 Threads Challenge

Bonjour everyone :wave::smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:
It’s time for another new fun activity to make this place more active and welcoming :eyes::sparkles::green_heart::smiley_cat:
This challenge came to my mind a while ago but I was too busy to post it, but now it’s finally time for the 100 Threads Challenge :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles::tada:

How will this work?/ Rules

Our goal will be to create 100 threads in one week to make the forums more active and hopefully find new common interests and new friends :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:
Everyone can participate by simply creating a topic and adding the #activity-challenge tag to it, the user who creates the most new topics will get the activity champion badge and bragging rights and maybe an animal drawing from me if anyone wants one and I’m not too lazy :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

The threads all have to follow the forum guidelines and must have a topic, so please don’t create thousands topics that don’t make any sense at all and would be considered spam as they’ll get flagged or closed for being spam. (Spamming games similar to the activity competition are fine as long as they aren’t duplicates of already existing games). Duplicates of already existing threads will be merged and not counted.
Threads can be created in any non-restricted forum section (so not in the lounges or the 18+/restricted section) but please remember to add the #activity-challenge tag to them.

If we don’t reach 100 by the end of the week, there will be no winner. :crying_cat_face::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:
But you don’t have to stop at 100 threads, you can create as many threads as you want, but only the threads with the #activity-challenge tag will count :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

So good luck to everyone who participates and have fun! :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles::tada:

a special tag πŸ’š

(@phnx :eyes::green_heart:)

Feel free to use this thread to talk about the challenge, ask related questions and tag people who could be interested in this :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

This ends at 2020-05-10T20:30:00Z and I’ll try to declare the winner on this thread as soon as possible :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:


This seems cool.

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I like

time for me to create ,y city pop thread


I like this idea! :sunflower: :sparkles: :coffee:
Time to think of some new threads to create.

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I’m in!

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The results :eyes::sparkles:

We only got 29 threads this time, I guess we’ll have to try again next month :crying_cat_face::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

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Sad boi hours. :pensive:

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Challenge is over :eyes::sparkles::green_heart::crying_cat_face: