The 2010 hit: Old Spice ad

Do you all remember this ad?

Smell like a Man, Man is a television advertising campaign created for Old Spice. The campaign is also commonly referred to as The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. The campaign targeted female viewers, despite the product’s target market being male because 60% of men’s body washes were actually purchased by women.

It first appeared on YouTube and in just one day it reached almost 6 million views. It was a big risk for Old Spice but it was also a big hit, now having more than 50 million views. In a month Old Spice became the number one most viewed brand on YouTube!
They took the risk but that risk paid off.

  • What were your thought on this ad and Old Spice?
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Weird ad. Sums up what ads were like back I 2010

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This ad is rather new to me, I think I first saw it on German TV in 2018? I didn’t know it was a big hit in 2010 but I do think it’s quite funny. Especially with all the transitions and suddenly he’s sitting on a horse :joy:

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