The best anime endings

What is the best anime ending?

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Do you mean end of series, or ending theme?

Either is fine :slightly_smiling_face:

@AnimeNerds :eyes:

Ouran High School Host Club had a good ending.

I feel like it’d be easier to talk about the worst ones, lol.

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I’ve heard that Code Geass had an amazing ending, but I keep not actually watching those final episodes myself

All the anime I’ve watched has good endings. Erased, Tokyo Ghoul, Charlotte, Gangsta, and I’ve watched so much more but yea.

I loved the ending to FMA Brotherhood

For ending theme, I’d say the song “Hunting for Your Dream” in Hunter x Hunter. The guitar sound of it is just too iconic. Another favorite of mine is Jujutsu Kaisen’s “Lost in Paradise”. It’s just so groovy, I always end up moving along with the music. Plus the animation of this ending is minimalistic, yet fitting for the music. Oh, and the ending theme of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (already forgot the title) is also pretty catchy.

As for anime endings in general, I really cannot think of anything I found outstanding. Most of the shows I’ve watched haven’t ended yet, or that they either had mediocre or decent endings.

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