The best art reference sources

Where do all of you get your references for your art? I know alot of people who use pinterest but are there any better ones than this. What makes them better?


I use copyright free images, like shutterstock, pixabay and more. Altough the quality of the images aren’t really as good as others, I use them for safety reasons.

Or else, I would use celebrity images and consider them as fan art, again for safety reasons.


I just google what I need (like capybara size reference for example) and then scroll through the images until I find one that looks like what I need :eyes::sparkles: I try to mostly only use references for pose inspiration and to get the colours/size of an animal right :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:


I haven’t really used pose ref in a long time. I used to use royalty-free sources and combine the poses together to make a new one while using different ref for facial features and hair.

Nowadays as far as reference goes? I’ll look at a bunch of stuff to get me inspired before drawing but the only thing up while I draw is the canvas (and usually Discord)


im not sure this is helpful but i use YCH. i NEVER trace them but take inspo of the pose from them and alter it. this helps because the proportions are similar to the ones episode has… but for my personal art i just freehand everything

When I wanna draw something specific or something complicated, I use references that I find from Instagram. I follow a lot of art reference accounts to gain inspiration from, so I mostly take my references from Instagram. I have a Pinterest account, however I don’t use it for art references, I use it for other, personal stuff that interests me. When I started drawing realistically, I found my references from Google, or websites that had art references. The results weren’t that satisfactory, so it didn’t take long for me to switch to Instagram, since I had just made my art account.

I usually look for references on Pinterest but sometime Insta can help to!


Are there any other sources you would recommend?
And are there any sources you wouldn’t recommend at all? :eyes::eyes::green_heart:

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