The Best Way to Tell Someone You Have Lost Interest in Their RP

A relatively common issue, that happens to the best of us. Losing interest in a roleplay. Whether you just reserved a character, just submitted one or even a month into the roleplay, losing interest can come out of nowhere and when you have it’s usually difficult to get it back.

So what’s the best way to tell someone you have lost interest in their roleplay?

In simple words, you just have to do it. There are no tips and tricks to get around doing it, no time to wait to do it, you just have to do it. The losing interest will only get worse, and losing interest leads to lost motivation and slow replies in the roleplay. Slow replies means the other person waiting for them can lose interest, and eventually no one will be interested anymore. Prevent the chain from happening by taking yourself out.

Perhaps harsh to the roleplay owner, but I’m sure they would much prefer you be honest and tell them how you are feeling, rather than being in the dark waiting for replies from you. In fact, it may be really useful to them to know if people are losing interest. They could make an effort to add things to the roleplay, or learn what caused loss of interest to avoid in the next roleplay they make.

And if the roleplay owner takes it badly, send them this thread so they know who’s to blame :star_struck:

Feel free to share your best advice on how to tell someone you’ve lost interest in their roleplay!!


Hasn’t happened to me yet

Why would someone be afraid to tell someone they were no longer interested in an rp? It’s not a life or death situation :joy:


First of all, welcome to the forums!!

To answer your question, I think there may be worry in the fact that the RP creator could have spent a long time figuring out their RP, only for people to tell them they have lost interest.


As a RP creator it is very off-putting at times, but when people are kind or polite about it, it really helps and benefits both sides.


This! ^


Okay, so the main thing is that you can’t put it off. Don’t wait months to do, because that’s not fair to the people who are interested in the RP. As difficult as it is, or may be for others, the quicker you rip off the bandaid the less it’ll hurt.
Like @/melancholy said, it’s better to be polite about it.


@RPers do you have anything to say about this :eyes: Any more tips, suggestions, or experiences to share?

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Lol, yeah.

Straight up

I think it’s best to just tell the person frankly, because it’s best for everyone if they know about it

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Most of the time I’m honest. There are just rp’s that aren’t your pace, or you just don’t feel as connected.

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I think the best way is to privately pm the creator and tell them you lost interest. Sometimes it’s good to have a reason like, “I lost motivation.”

I don’t think creators get mad maybe just a little upset about not getting to rp with you.


I don’t usually say I’ve lsot interest because I have a feeling it’ll make them feel bad and think of it more as an insult that something that happens quiet often. I usually either say something about bein busy or I just stop responding to the RP gradually


One time I wasn’t interested in a RP, I just ghosted it :sob:

Honestly, the best thing to do is just to tell the RP creator how you feel, also why you’re dropping the RP. That way the creator can know, just in case they had something planned, or just generally not to include you anymore. I don’t think they’ll be mad, it can happen to anyone.