The blue whale challenge is back

Yes, I said that I was taking a long break from the forums but I needed to speak about this since I saw that there was no new thread about that topic.

So for those who don’t know what is the blue challenge, it starts by someone messaging you on social media with the sentence ‘Do you want to play a game’ or something similar. If you reply with yes, well you’re in big trouble… If you reply with no he’ll threaten to kill all of your relatives and you which is making you forced to accept this challenge.

People are saying to block him and the other half are saying not to, but I’ll say not to or the guy will track your IP address and stuff like that. Do NOT reply to his message and do not leave him on seen.

Do NOT try to troll him, he’ll force you to play anyways. The best way to do is to ignore the message request and delete it (deleting it without opening the message). Opening the message can track you

So first, this dude is on most of the social media but he’s more on: discord, Instagram, and Twitter. Some people say that he’s on Roblox too.

So there will be 50 challenges, 1 challenge per day. And all of them is about hurting you (cutting yourself and etc), From the start to finish, the challenges are becoming more intense and WAY more dangerous. But on the last day aka at day 50, he’ll tell you to commit suicide, if you say no well he’ll say he’ll kill your relatives etc…

His username on social media is Jonathan Galindo or something like that.

This challenge has already started 2/3 years ago but it ended. And his pfp is this or things similar to that since he have multiple accounts


Mickey mouse wannabe smh

I hope yall stay safe and stay away from that!


How do you know this is real? Many people are saying that it’s just some people lying and trying to bring that stuff back up.


Some people (which are targeted) keep having these messages.


Oh alright. So do we just block the account or do we just ignore it?


Uh oh…

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People say that blocking the account is making them track your IP anyways and the other half are saying that it’s safe, so I just recommend just ignoring it since we don’t really know if we should block them.


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: I blocked someone who I believe was trying to do it to me-

But yes, this is very dangerous and was created by a 21 year old pyschology student attempting to “cleanse the world” and it’s resurfaced and popping up and around especially on discord.

They use pyschology tactics giving you challenges and each time it gets worse. The first thing may be “Watch a horror movie” but soon they’ll have you carving the image of a blue whale onto your skin and finally jumping in front of a train.

They’ll blackmail and infect your device with malware. DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM.

They name themselves Blue Whale because of the blue whale beaching themselves (commiting suicide) phenomnen - Blue whales commit suicide sometimes for an unknown reason scientists are still trying to figure out.


That’s not really funny…

Children have died because of this.


When did you got all that time to create account lorren-

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sorry, she doesnt really believe in this type of thing which is pretty crazy

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When there are suicides connected to this and someone admits to having made this that’s kinda … rude but, I can’t force someone to believe it.



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I never said it was funny

Can you rephrase that please?
Murder is a crime


Yeah, she told me that she doesn’t believe that when you say no to this they kill your relatives and that’s why I’m trying to understand.

and @Lori just choose if you want to keep talking to me on Roblox or on the forums-


Uhhh…how exactly can I make that sound batter? This guy’s a psycho and needs to stop.


I don’t mind here tbh


That works

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Oooohhhhhh, wait I get what she’s saying-

:woman_facepalming: I thought she meant she’d invite him to the forums or something for drama :woman_facepalming:


We had to do a presentation in my ninth grade psych class, I chose suicide prevention, so I looked up what Blue Whale was, and was sent to the counselor…I’m not suicidal p, I’m trying to prevent it!