The color pink and it's controversy among women but just people in general

So many of us hate the color pink. Why? I think it’s the patriarchy.

We looove not being like other girls but at what cost? must we shun an entire color? really? I know alot of us dont like being girly but bih ik pink doesnt deserve the hate that it gets. do you hate the color pink? do you hate being like other women? are those two correlated? does pink just have that ~energy~ you dont like? that feminine energy that you so wish to shut down because its bubbly and annoying? is that why you hate it?

if yes, thats sum fr internalized misogyny girl

what about if you like the color pink? why? did something change?
men, do yall like the color pink? do you feel insecure wearing it? do you assume anyone who wears it is fruity?

personally i have always liked the color pink. only in a hot shade tho cos pastel kinda fugly ya know, but ig some ppl like it. i would never turn on the color pink.

i remember when i was younger this kid told me pink was a girl color and all of the other ones were boy colors and i remember getting so offended lol. all colors are girl colors, you get gray, Ryan :unamused:


I don’t get why others don’t like pink just to try to be “different”

pink is pink

pink is a color

pink is a valid color


pewioddddd, stop trying to impress brad its not cute

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I actually like pink :thinking: it works well with alot of other colours, I wouldn’t wear an entirely pink outfit though, not my style. But would I include pink in an outfit? Yes for sure.

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Pink is a pretty color, and my personal favorite. Over the past century pink has been associated more with femininity, but that wasn’t always the case. Pink was first associated with young boys. So it really just switched around in modern times. So it shouldn’t be treated so extreme as only a “girl color” that cant be used for guys.


ya! this “i dont like girly pink stuff” is propaganda

I personally don’t really like pink but not to be different or because I don’t want to be girly or something. I’m just more of a blue/purple fan. Besides I don’t believe that a color can be girly or boyish or something. That’s just stupid


I like some shades of pink.

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That’s pretty

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nooooooooo :sob:

Just not hot pink or bright pink. Mean Girls went too far.

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What? That’s pink.

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but its ugly lolol


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Pink is okay. I’m indifferent towards it :woman_shrugging:

I find it weird when people classify blue for boys and pink for girls. Red and purple are feminine colours too but they are obsessed with pink tho.

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What now?

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Its… too bright-
Jk jk continue