The Covid-19 Vaccination should be mandatory (Discussion)

So, with vaccines rolling out at steadily increasing rates, anti-vaxxers are getting louder, especially as governments begin trying to make the vaccine mandatory for travel and the like.
These people claim that they should get a choice, that the vaccine hasn’t been tested enough and could be dangerous. They shove that one-off case of a man getting a blood clot in our faces and expect us to freak out.

Personally, as much as I am for people doing what they want with their bodies as long as no one’s getting hurt, I don’t agree with them. The covid vaccine was created in a very short time scale, but that’s because it received huge amounts of funding from the government, which has never happened before. Of course that would speed it up. As well as that, there is a higher increase of someone getting a blood clot from birth control than from the vaccine, and millions of people take that pill daily.
I don’t agree with governments trying to imprison people who won’t get vaccinated. I don’t want anyone to be forced. However I do agree with the statement that people who are not vaccinated should not be permitted to travel (for non emergency reasons) until herd immunity is reached.
I also think that more emphasis should be put on explaining why the vaccine is not nearly as horrible or dangerous as the media and dramatic folk make it out to be. Some people feel exhausted or like they have a bad cold after it. The symptoms remove themselves after 24 hours generally, where you may have been suffering for over a week if you actually caught covid. That guy who tied, as tragic as his death was, could have had a clot even before the vaccine was administrated. It could have been a complete coincidence. Even if it wasn’t, he was one person out of millions. You’re more likely to die in a car accident smh. On top of that, for every person vaccinated, that’s one more person who will not spread the virus. One more person who will add to the wall of the immune, to protect the most vulnerable.
That’s what herd immunity means. If enough people get vaccinated, then that means the most vulnerable, the people who cannot be vaccinated because of health conditions or allergies, are protected by everyone around them.

@Discussions @Debaters - What is your stance on this?

  • Should the vaccine be mandatory?
  • What are the exceptions to your view?
  • Why?

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ah yis thank u
I thought i put it there guess not XD


I agree. I think it should be mandatory, just don’t lock people up for not getting it. I mean, I get it if you have bad allergies but I know people that have had bad reactions to vaccines before and they still got it. Unless you know that you’re likely going to get a really bad reaction to it, I’d recommend you to do it. It’s very important. I know it’s different but I was super afraid to get mine because of my emetophobia because the vaccine can cause nausea. I got nauseous at first and then it was fine.


Yes, I think that over the space over a few years, the vaccine should be made mandatory, so long as it won’t conflict with people’s underlying health issues.

What do you think, @Debaters?


I would like mine now please.
I’m done waiting. I don’t want to wait until July /August or maybe even September :pensive:
(may I add, I’m terrible with needles so me wanting it, says something).


HA. You’re lucky. I’m not even sure NZ has a date for ours. We’re only just talking about rolling it out (still) to essential workers in hospitals and the international airport. Not sure how that’s going though.

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This :clap: :clap:
People often use the arguments that there aren’t vaccines for cancer or other illnesses, but other illnesses haven’t caused the whole world to socially distance and close businesses for over a year.

I agree with this. It’s wrong to imprison people for not getting the vaccine.

I got the vaccine last Thursday, and I didn’t have a fever or anything serious. I’ve only felt exhausted and weak, especially from 9 AM-1 PM, but it usually disappears in the afternoon.
A lot of my coworkers that got it the day before I did experienced fever and headaches the first two days, but since it was the first day that vaccines were available to teachers and faculty members, the lines were very long, and those coworkers had to stand in the hot sun for hours to get it. I got mine the second day after work, and it only took twenty minutes.


I think the vaccine shouldn’t be mandatory. I will not be taking it.


Would you like to expand on why?

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Nah, that vaccine could kill me like it did to 1 person. Like you said, that vaccine was created in a short time frame. And there’s also some negative side effects that come along with taking it. And those who have already been through covid shouldn’t have to take the vaccine, imo. I don’t wanna suffer through a shot like you can with a flu shot.


…it could also not kill you…like it has with over a million people :slightly_smiling_face:

They also said it recieved a lot of funding which inevitably sped things up considering how many people were working on it. It has been through all the trials and tests.

Ah yes a headache and maybe some shivers for like a day…small price to pay considering people have died because of this virus imo.

And I don’t want people to literally die because of misinformation spread about vaccines

Yes a rare blood clot killed somebody who’d had the vaccine but there have been manyyyyyyy people who have taken this vaccine and not died. There have also been manyyyy people who have caught the coronavirus and died.

There are people who can’t get the vaccine because of allergies and they can also be vulnerable to the virus, they could also become part of the death count, if we don’t all take the vaccine when it’s offered.

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I don’t want to take any chances yet.

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Why not? :thinking: Considering the vast amount of people who have taken it and not died or experienced negative side affects I really don’t see any logical reason to not get the vaccine. It has undergone the tests and trials that all vaccines are supposed to go through. This is from one of the NHS hospitals in the UK.

Please do a little research, you’ll see it’s safe to take. All vaccines have potential risk of something bad but the risk is always extremely minimal like extremely minimal with every vaccine.

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I’ll add onto this that another reason it was sped up is because the steps taken when making and testing a vaccine were done in parallel as opposed to in sequence so more than one thing was being done at the same time and each of those things was given the care and attention it needs. This information it available online for anyone wondering.

Exactly! Some people have also been trying to claim that this vaccine could lead to “infertility” so I’m going to debunk this now by letting those people know that a very quick google will literally tell you there’s no link.

Btw I have so much time on my hands to debunk any anti-vaxx argument so I’ll be keeping this on watching

As for my personal opinion, I don’t think people should be strapped down, arrested or chased around with a needle. I believe the people who don’t want to take the vaccine should have to attend an online talk which debunks all the rumors and information as well as showing facts and statistics which prove the vaccine is good. It’d be pretty hard to ensure people turned up but I think certain incentives could be put in place.

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I have never trusted any vaccine to begin with, no matter how long it’s been out. I don’t think it should be mandatory, whether you have had covid or not. I think I heard 1 person getting covid from the vaccine itself, so there’s a no from me


Yeah no that’s literally impossible

Even with all the facts and information available? Even though the diseases they vaccinate against can be life threatening?

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Tell that to the person who said so

Some facts can be not what they seem. :woman_shrugging:t4: And the link you sent was about info from the UK. What about the US?

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Believe it or not
It still applies :slightly_smiling_face: that link talks about why the vaccine was made faster than usual

And if you want a US source I’m pretty sure that you can literally google it but I think this will do, there’s also information from actual places of health like the first link I gave from the NHS.

Well, you’re the person who said it and I just told it to you.

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I didn’t say so, I just believed it because I knew there was something suspicious about that vaccine to begin with.

But I don’t have time to argue about this. My opinion stands until one day my mind might change.