The Crow of Descent by ThePoeticRaven

So… I’m not used to promoting my own stories, but I’m trying to get myself to be more confident. I started writing on Tapas, and hope that I might finish this someday without giving in to writer’s block.

Title: The Crow of Descent
Summary/Synopsis: In the mind of Alysine Mayfire, the world we live in is more than just humans and animals. The Shadows have been pulling the strings since the beginning, though as a new generation emerges, so does the awakening of long-ago abilities. Can Alysine change the perspective of our flawed society, or will she be silenced like the others?
Genre: Mystery/Fantasy
Link: Click here…



Subscribed! I’ll take a look when I can :nerd_face::partying_face:


It’s been some time since the last update, I think :thinking: But you’ve also started another one, right?

@ThePoeticRaven how’s the story coming?

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