The Disappearing Act- Roleplay: Official Sign-Up Thread

The Disappearing Act

The world is a quickly changing place in the day and age. Though things seem to be more peaceful, and ‘normal’ than ever.

Then it all changed. At exactly 3:14 P.M., July 24th, millions disappeared. Leaving what seemed to be that of teenagers/young adults on Earth. All those younger than Sixteen, and older than twenty-four were gone without a trace. The world is open now, free. As if most all of it’s activity suddenly disappeared. And that peace that was so loved and coveted for so long is now nowhere to be found. A trace of the past.

Not only have family, friends and loved ones gone away, but those that have remained are changing as well. Some of them have gained…special abilities. Things only seen in comics before that time.

Relationships are rebuilt and tested. While others are forced to take action in the immediate shift of balance. Little do they know that this recovery may be the least of their worries. While centered in the town if Leroy, Colorado, they seem to be at the center of it all.

Hello everybody! Thank you for checking out The Disappearing Act ! This roleplay is owned by @Sylas_Breik57 and @ThatRandomCaraPerson. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to tag either of us.
If you do not know how to roleplay, or this is your first time, I have a handy dandy How To Roleplay guide at the bottom of this post.
Before we have you sign up, you need to know the rules!

The Rules

1. You can have as many characters as you want, but no more than two characters with abilities.
2. For every character with an ability, you must have a character without one. ( These faceclaims are going to kill me )
3. Do not argue or be rude with others. This results in unnecessary drama that nobody wants.
4. If you are swearing, make sure to put an asterisk ( * ), or blur it

5) If two or more characters get romantically involved, please stop it once the clothes come off. Nobody wants to read about…that

  1. Do not control other people’s characters unless given permission.

7) Your character’s powers cannot be too OP. They have to have at least one sort of weakness.

  1. No Mary Sues.

Breaking any of these rules will result in punishment.

Sign Up Sheet


Age: ( Must be 13-24 )



Abilities/Powers: ( If any. 2 powers maximum. 1 major, 1 minor. )

Background: ( Summary of life before the Disappearance )


Strengths and Weaknesses:

Additional Details:

Faceclaim: ( Picture of how you imagine your character )


How to Roleplay

I’ll start off with the basics. To roleplay, the format is…

Character name goes here

( Insert whatever your character says/does down here. Make sure to make it detailed. The more detailed it is, the easier it is for the other person to respond. You can either respond in first person or third person—it doesn’t matter in this roleplay. )

Example taken from another roleplay


I nodded, giving him a quick kiss before heading out of the bathroom. I picked up Natalie softly, heading to her room. I set her down in the crib, looking up.
“ Oh hey, can you watch Natalie for me? “ I asked Adrian. “ Tha— “ I paused, looking up. Adrian was standing on the other side of the crib, an dark red orb of some sort of magic in his hands. I scooped up Natalie immediately and a little rougher than I meant, causing her to cry. I held her close to me, backing away from Adrian.

ORP= Out of roleplay. Use this when you are posting something you don’t want your character to do/say
OOC= Out of character. Same thing as ORP.

Always make sure to stick by the rules. It’s very important to make sure that your experience and the other person’s experience while RPing is good.

I believe that’s about it.



@iconic_coolepisodes @Hangyul19


Name: Erin James

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Abilities/Powers: ( If any. 2 powers maximum. 1 major, 1 minor. ) The ability to defy gravity, and levitate.

Background: Erin was born and raised in Virginia, Chester. Her mother passed before she was two, causing her father to raise her alone. She had to learn the hard way, that some things you have to do yourself. She is a bit tom-boyish, but enjoys a few ‘feminine’ things. She is currently in her first year of college, majoring in computer science. She is a bit of a tech girl, and isn’t afraid to show it. She also has two brothers, who she was very close with.

Stand-offish, doesn’t open up easily, sarcastic, and will always rather make a joke out of something serious than except the pain. Tough, doesn’t let herself or others get pushed around, independent, and a leader.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Stregths: Her friends/people she is close to.
Weaknesses: She has a fear of water, from when she almost drowned, and trust too easily.

Additional Details:
She has a couple small. hidden tattoos (One of a rose because that was her mother’s name, and more that might be mentioned later)



@The-Queen-of-Kit-Kat Just in case you’re interested.


Name: Robin Moree

Age: ( Must be 13-24 ) 19

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Abilities/Powers: ( If any. 2 powers maximum. 1 major, 1 minor. ) N/A (yet, maybe in the future :smirk:)

Background: Robin was raised in a small town right outside Vermont. He was a reader, introverted and quiet. He didn’t fit in with his athletic, hard-as-nails family. He was pressured most of his life to play sports, which he tried. The longest one he had ever been in was Lacrosse, and only for a few weeks. Robin is artistic and poetic. He was attending college when everything went down, and his major was English. He has an on and off relationship with his family and doesn’t feel a close bond to them.

Personality: Shy, introverted, doesn’t know how to talk to girls he likes. He has a good heart and a clever mind. He hates anything athletic, yet he is a fantastic runner. He always tries to do the right thing, but often only makes things worse.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Strengths: Smart, and quick-witted.
Weaknesses: Getting to under-confident

Additional Details:



Name: Kat

Age: 18

Sexuality: Straight

Abilities/ Powers: The ability to read minds and the ability to moves stuff with a snap of the fingers

Background: Before everything happened, she lived with her family on a rich mansion. She lived a happy life but not deep down she suffered greatly. She lost her sister at 10 years old and what worse is after the event, she lost her mother and now she lives alone. She lost her father to alcoholism.

Personality: a strong independent woman who is nice and friendly sometimes depending on her mood but if someone messes with her, she becomes dark and evil

Strength: Love and loyalty and shiny things

Weaknesses: Betrayal and bugs

Additional details: She had a black tattoo on her arm on the right side



Reserve for two males if possible?


Sounds good. @Hangyul19

Though reserves aren’t completely necessary, it’s perfectly fine if you’d like to.


I’ll be editing this post to tag those who voted in the New Ideas poll, requesting to be tagged.



I’ll sign up as soon as I go on my laptop.

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Can I reserve?

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