The HYBE Webtoon Series

In January 2022, Webtoon released three series in collaboration with the HYBE Corporation, a South Korean entertainment company. The three series are 7Fates: Chakho, The Star Seekers and Dark Moon: The Blood Altar and each series featured characters based off of the members of some of HYBE’s K-pop boy groups. 7Fates featured BTS, Star Seekers featured Tomorrow X Together and Dark Moon featured ENHYPEN. The series are currently on hiatus but are set to return in June.

These are the promotional posters that were made, with the ones on top being the groups themselves and the ones on the bottom being the characters they represent within the stories:

Here are the synopses of the series, as well as the names of the characters in bold and the members they represent (For easier recognition, I only included the members’ stage names):

7Fates: Chakho

In the corrupt city of Sin-si, Zeha suddenly wakes up in a hospital, unable to recall anything that happened after speaking with a mysterious man one night. He soon learns that strange beings called beom are wreaking havoc on the city. As destiny brings seven boys together, will they succeed in ending this fight, once and for all? Let the hunting begin!


Dogeon = RM
Hwan = Jin
Cein = Suga
Hosu = J-Hope
Haru = Jimin
Joaan = V
Zeha = Jungkook

The Star Seekers

It’s the age of magic; a world where magic idols prevail. In these extraordinary times, an ordinary idol group called Star One is suddenly gifted with magical powers. And with these magical powers, a mysterious enemy appears. The once unpopular idol group finds themselves tasked with saving the world. Will they be able to take on this enormous responsibility to restore peace?


Soule = Soobin
Eugene = Yeonjun
Viken = Beomgyu
Taho = Taehyun
Avys = Hueningkai

Dark Moon: The Blood Altar

Welcome to Riverfield, where the most popular boys at two rival schools happen to be vampires and werewolves. When a mysterious new student, Sooha, transfers to Riverfield, the rivals find themselves inexplicably drawn to her. As horrible incidents start to shake the town, the boys’ forgotten pasts slowly start to unravel… and their world turns upside down.


Jakah = Jungwon
Heli = Heeseung
Jaan = Jay
Jino = Jake
Solon = Sunghoon
Shion = Sunoo
Noa = NI-KI

  • Have you read any of these series?
  • If you have, what are your thoughts?
  • If not, would you?



my thoughts are it’s hilarious :sob: they getting their own fanfiction made by their COMPANY it’s so funny to me


I love it

During the series’ hiatus, they’ve been posting these mini-comics on the Dark Moon Instagram account and it’s so funny to see how they manage to reflect the members’ personalities in these characters

They also had Heeseung and Sunghoon say their characters’ lines from their webtoon on a v-live - it was hilarious


omggg honestly that’s super cool.
this whole thing kinda reminds me how HYBE made a wattpad account for BTS although idk if they were planning to post a Wattpad story
the acc ended up getting deleted bc armies started spamming n freaking :sob:


Honestly from the engene and moa comments I’ve seen on the enhypen and txt webtoons, that doesn’t surprise me :joy:

They also have Wattpad stories using these characters but they’re paid stories

The only thing I don’t know is if they’re just the Webtoons in written format or if they’re completely separate

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Dark Moon: The Blood Altar is off hiatus and has a new chapter out!!

They’ve also announced a soundtrack coming out with vocals by ENHYPEN

It will pre-release on Webtoon on September 3 and then the official release is September 6th

The Dark Moon single is out, it’s called ‘One in a Billion’ and the music video features animated clips of the characters from the WEBTOON as well as scenes of the members portraying their characters themselves

TXT is also releasing a single which will release next week and be the soundtrack to Star Seekers

A new series, titled Crimson Heart, will be released on November 25. This series will feature characters based on the members of Le Sserafim

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The character names for Crimson Heart have been announced!

Joan = Chaewon
Sena = Sakura
Yurina = Yunjin
Dabi = Kazuha
Looisha = Eunchae

The official Instagram for this series is crimsonheart_hybe

As well, another new series was also announced - Dark Moon: The Grey City

This series happens within the same universe as The Blood Altar but is set 20 years in the past and focuses on the werewolves’ origin story

It will feature characters based on the members of HYBE’s Japanese boy group, &Team - four of these characters have already appeared in The Blood Altar

For official updates on this series, follow greycity_hybe on Instagram

I haven’t. Which one would you recommend for a newbie?

@AnimeNerds, have you read any of these?


I haven’t. I might. Looks interesting.

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Nope, I haven’t.

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This is actually a tough question tbh

The only series that are connected story-wise are The Blood Altar and The Grey City - they take place in the same universe

Really, I think the thinking behind it is that you read the series connected to your favourite group - I’m a huge ENHYPEN fan so the one I actually read weekly is The Blood Altar

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The names of the remaining five Grey City characters have been revealed! The full character list for their series is:

Khan = K
Mahan = Fuma
Najak = Nicholas
Enzy = EJ
Louis = Yuma
Camill = Jo
Ruslan = Harua
Tahel = Taki
Luka = Maki

Khan, Najak, Enzy and Tahel were already introduced in The Blood Altar

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Whoops. Forgot to reply.

Do you still feel the same with this answer?

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Yeah, pretty much

I feel like if you don’t have a specific group you’re into, it comes down to what you’re interested in reading

I can’t really speak to the BTS one because I haven’t read it but if you like stories about magic, then I’d recommend either TXT’s webtoon or LE SSERAFIM’s, if you like vampires, then you should read Enhypen’s and if you like werewolves, I’d recommend &Team’s!

Lil spoiler for The Blood Altar

I think my favourite thing about Solon (Sunghoon’s character) is that he keeps his earring in his wolf form