The "I'll wait" game :]

Ok so the aim of this game is to post a statement, with “I’ll wait” at the finish. The statement should be a rule or ultimatum of sorts, and it’s up to everyone else to find an exception.

User1: “It is impossible to name a sport with no ‘a’ letter in it. I’ll wait.”
User2: “Actually = swimming, rowing, golf, hockey, ect.”

If no one can find an exception to your rule, you get a point. If you find an exception to someone else’s rule, you get a point. After a week, the points will be totalled up and I’ll deduce a winner!


  • You cannot copy someone else’s “rule”
  • If someone has already disproved a “rule”, you cannot get any points from disproving it
  • You may ask someone to provide links if necessary for a disproval
  • Please put your statements and disprovals in quotes, so we know which bit is the game and which is general talk
  • Don’t fight over it, it’s just a game!

Oki, so I shall start

“The only number with the same amount of letters as the number represents is four. I’ll wait.”


Negative seventeen

“It’s impossible to name a colour starting with ‘z’. I’ll wait”


Zaffre thanks wikipedia

“it’s impossible to name a dog breed starting with z. i’ll wait :]”

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“a Zuchon :]”
google is rlly handy here XD

“There is no word in the english language with an ‘ie’ after a ‘c’. I’ll wait”


ahahaha yes im using it for all of these >:)


“there is no user that has four words in their username. I’ll wait.”

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@LunaticLeviTheSecond haha

“There is no country in the world without a vowel in its name. I’ll wait.”


Kyrgyz Republic if we just count the name

“There is no word that has all five (or six if you want) vowels contained. I’ll wait.”

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Well you’d know if you had any EDUCATION this is untrue and this complete rubbis and I find this is CONSEQUENTIAL lack of witts. Your basis of knowledge is PRECARIOUS and I don’t know who AUTHORIZED you to ever write here. I’d say this is MISBEHAVIOUR and an improper way to use the english language. This should cause EVACUATION from the forums! TAMBOURINE!!

I don’t actually mean this I just needed to find a way to use all those words and I still dunno if I used them correctly.

“There are no words in the english language that start with x to describe somebody.” I’ll wait

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“There is no user with a pfp as beautiful and aesthetic as mine.” I’ll wait.
i don’t actually mean that…


behold… my pfp :wink:

“there is no RP character that has a name starting with U. I’ll wait”


Ohh I don’t know but I’m sure there are a few…

@CrazyCaliope writes the name of the emoji in brackets. She has never used proper emojis.” I’ll wait.


@ethereal @Acorn06??


she probably has tho we just have not seen it~

“there is no god of cheese. i will wait.”

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Aristaeus (Greek Mythology)

“There’s no colour that starts with X.” I’ll wait.

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There’s no person with two middle names. I’ll wait.

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Leonardo Ángel Charles Baldwin
(dunno who he is but yes)

“There’s no name with only 2 letters which are both vowels” I’ll wait

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Some Japanese girl named Ao: hi

“You can’t find someone with natural red eyes. I’ll wait :kissing_heart:


OK so I’m counting up now

I’ll try to count them up every saturday XD

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@Acorn06 = 3
@FuzilladeBlue = 2
@ethereal = 5
@LunaticLeviTheSecond = 1
@elixr = 5
@Nil = 1

(you may challenge this if you count up a different score, but I’m pretty sure this is correct*

We have joint winners!!!
@ethereal and @elixr CONGRATS

you win… nothing
well done tho :rofl:


Closed due to inactivity :eyes::green_heart: