The Last Episode RP/SG Awards... continued!

The RP/SG Awards: second-half of 2019

Welcome back, the gentle people (our family) in our proud RP/SG community, to the 2019 (the second half) RP/SG Awards.

The RP/SG Awards are back to finish off what we started on the other forums!

Here we are, @RPers ready to acknowledge the amazing writing that this community showcases. Or at least, reward those from the Episode forums, who we all voted for back in late January. So here are the results from that since we were unable to finish them.

Whether you participated in the last two or are completely new, welcome! Be prepared to experience more love for our family than you have ever seen here before.

Caliope (wink)


Good Morning, Day, or Evening!

How are we all today, sheilas, blokes, and sproglets? I hope you are all swell!

Our time on the Episode RP/SG section passed us by rather quickly and we are here to appreciate and award our fellow RPers and their hard work there. Hopefully, we will see their hard work appreciated here too. So I will be beginning to give out the awards very shortly. The people in this community (and the ones who have sadly left), I consider my friends and family. You guys are ALL amazing, thank you, you beauties!

EVERYBODY who has taken part in the community, from one time to another, or more regularly, deserves to be here, whether they were nominated or not. You’ve all contributed and should be proud of any impact you’ve made because I promise you’ve made one even if quite small.

I’m truly still honoured to be able to host and bring you RP/SG Awards for the past half a year of writing. Now it is time to see the results.

Okay, so onto the awards…

Just like the last time, they’re going to be a little longer and more drawn out than me just giving you the results, which is just to add a little more entertainment. So I will be announcing the categories individually in the order that they are on the form you all filled in. I’ll try for at least one a day, as I’ll be writing thoughts and comments for each nomination. Then I’ll leave about half an hour for anyone to comment on them, before announcing the winner. I may also announce the runners up if there are 4+ nominees and/or they were close in votes.

Extra: If you want, to add a little more entertainment, anyone can suggest a celebrity, adjective, or emotion for me to do something with. I am continuing a rather random idea I had, which a few of you may remember. BUT just write a celebrity, adjective, or emotion at the bottom of your post in a blur, without any explanation. However, they will go to the bottom of the list, as I still have to complete the list from last time! (wink)

The list of first presenters for the awards:
These are suggested from the previous ceremony that I didn’t get to.

  • Michael Jackson
  • @Cricket_Master - sadly, a little too difficult to portray now half my research on them has been deleted.
  • @LTea
  • @sunflower.flow
  • Danny Devito
  • Samual L Jackson
  • Jimmy Carr
  • Simon Pegg
  • Kevin Hart
  • Hades from the * Hercules* Disney movie
  • Billie Eilish

So, anyone can comment at any time, but all I ask is that you stick to talking about the awards and please don’t go into off-topic conversations.

There will be NO more group tags, so please set this thread to watching if you want to know the winners. (wink)


I have the whole category on watching :smirk:


(Our first presenter takes the stage. A curious user we know as Kitten, @Kittenlove. No one could see the wild colour that she had coloured her hair for tonight, as she wore the hood of her sweatshirt to cover it up. Not the only reason, as the hood also had cat ears sewn into the top hem. Dressed to impress, she was, as the best-looking cat in tonight. Kitten took the mic.)
Heya! I’m Kitten, your all Supreme Dictator of forums but you may address me as Your Awesomeness instead. You’re welcome to this awards ceremony… (she shrugged) … I’m too lazy to think up anything, I don’t know, sooooo… let’s just listen to me for a sec! Sorry guys, we all know I take the crown but let’s just humour you and read the nominees for the best action RP or SG…

  • The first is @katabasis & @Littlefeets’ Camp Half-Blood: A Siren’s Cry RP. You have done so well for your second attempt at this. And the one on here is okay too.
  • The second nominee is @jdepisode’s Infection RP. Fine. Whatever. She was nominated. Well done.
  • @Newguy & @FuzilladeBlue’s Marvel/DC: Legends Assembled RP was nominated. Oooh… it’s one of the lost active RPs at the moment, it must take so much skill to achieve this. How amazing!
  • Next, we have @CrazyCaliope’s Superheroes and Villains: Accidentally United! RP, who just wants everything to be perfect. Blah. Blah. Blah.
  • Lastly, we have @Meekepeek’s The Wish Of Amnesia RP! Just why are you getting so upset? I’m not mad that you got in and I didn’t. It is whatever.

Note: Please don’t be offended, anyone, as I LOVE you all and think you’ve ALL done a great job. I am only impersonating KItten after she was suggested at the last ceremony AND her profile says she is often being passive-aggressive. (wink)


(Kitten opens up the first envelope for the action results)

Fine, who’s our first winner. The winner for the best action RP or SG is…

The winner:

Camp Half-Blood: A Siren’s Cry RP, created by @katabasis & @Littlefeets

Yeah, yeah, fine, congrats to me, just because I’m awesome, and then to all the other nominees and their creators.

The Runner-up:

Marvel/DC: Legends Assembled RP, created by Newguy & @FuzilladeBlue

Sooo… yeah, the next category will be whenever. BYE!


Good job Anichu & LittleFeets! :DD


YESS DANNY DEVITO AHHH :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Congrats :sunglasses::partying_face:


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: Haha, thanks…

No, yeah I get it, she would definitely say something like this :joy:

:partying_face: Woohoooo ^^ Thank you to everyone who voted & nominated us :DD


(Our second presenter walked out. She had her hair tied back tightly off her face with a red flower crown on her head. She wore a short-sleeved, small white shirt with thin grey stripes. Pressing the shirt further against her bust was the grey dungaree short shorts, which came to just under her bust and then the straps went up and over her shoulders. On her legs, she had thigh-length black socks and rusty maroon, clunky heels on her feet. The amazing Scar, @ScarletSwanHunter, looked into the audience to address them.)

Hello! I’m Scarlet or Scar or Satan’s Goldfish or Scarlet Witch apparently! Nice to be here to present the next award to you all. Welcome to our fam-cult awards. So it is nice to see you all again. Let’s announce the nominees for the best adventure RP or SG…

  • The first is @CrazyCaliope’s Adventure Story SG. This girl is nominated again after winning it last time.
  • The second nominee is@melancholy & @Littlefeets’ Camp Half-Blood: A Siren’s Cry RP. These two lovelies are nominated again after winning the action award. They were runners-up last time too.
  • Next, we have @LTea’s Questors RP, who was nominated last time too. Love you, LTea. I bid any user luck who enters into any of LTea’s RPs.
  • Lastly, we have @Littlefeets’ Stranded RP! Brooke again, she’s great, isn’t she?! Don’t question her amazing skill. Seriously, don’t, she is AMAZING!

(Someone handed Scar the results and she opens up the envelope for the adventure results)

And congrats to the winner for the best adventure RP or SG is…

The winner:

Adventure Story SG, created by @CrazyCaliope

And congrats to everyone else too…

The Runner-up:

Camp Half-Blood: A Siren’s Cry RP, created by @katabasis & @Littlefeets



Added a couple of tags, kinda too late I know :see_no_evil:


(Our third presenter moonwalked out. His shoulder-cut black hair hung loose and almost covering his face. He wore an unbuttoned, tucked in, loose white shirt over a white tank, which was accompanied with sparkly silver pants and white boots. It was the legend himself, Michael Jackson.)

Hello! (An uproar of cheering)
I’m sayin- (More applause) What is a genius? One whose inspiration demands change. A genius… (applause) I love you more. … I could refuse to give this award tonight because nobody influences writers more than the users who create the RPs. And I’m happy… (applause) to announce the nominees for the best drama RP…


(Michael pulled the envelope out of his back pocket and open it.)

From the bottom of my heart, the user we should all look up and the winner for the best Drama RP is…

The winner:

Elite XOXO, created by @anon69836121!


themaystorms has put quite a bit of effort to make this RP come to life. From “social media,” to a website - it’s one of the most interactive Rps I’ve ever seen on the thread.

It’s amazing! I love the FCs, Instagram, the plot, the characters! Everything! I can’t wait to see what will happen next in this RP :slight_smile:

And we should still look up to all the others…

The Runner-up:

Swapped RP, created by @Littlefeets


This would have been great had it continued. I was so excited for this RP and wish that it actually got to the main plot.

I wasn’t in it but liked to read it. It was fun while it lasted.


Ahhhhhhhh!!! I didn’t expect to get runner up or really even the nomination. Thank you to whoever nominated and voted for Swapped!
Maybe I should try to restart it, and have it a little better organized this time.

And congrats on winning @anon69836121!

And wow I just noticed that my RPs have been nominated in each category so far.

I had CHB with Ani win for action, and get runner up for adventure.
Then my Stranded rp was nominated for adventure (which I wanted to restart because of everything I had planned…)
And now Swapped got runner up for Drama!

So thank you to everyone who has even just nominated these RPs! It means a lot to know that people have liked them!


Aw, thank you- congrats to you too!

(And thank you to everyone who nominated Elite XOXO :revolving_hearts:)


I still can’t wait to see what the winners were for the rest of the awards! Hopefully we will get to see who the winners/runner ups were before long!


Bump! :eyes:


By the time this is done it will be time for the next awards :joy:


:joy::joy: True, But I hear patience is a virtue :eyes::eyes::sunglasses: