The Matter of Swear Words

Hi Guys!

I don’t think I ever made this clear, so I think it’s unfair to you if we enforce the rule strictly without letting you know what’s going on.

As some of you might know, swearing on the main forum is against the rules.

This is because we pay for the forums using Google Adsense and Adsense has a specific rule against excessive profanity.

I know, most of you only swear once or twice and that would hardly be seen as excessive. However, there are over 200 members here! If all of you swear once or twice, that quickly adds up and becomes super excessive. So we’d really love it if you could keep your swearing to the minimum.

You have a few options here.

  1. Censor out your swear words. Add some asterisks (*) or other symbols ($@£#%) to represent letters the swear words so that Google doesn’t pick up on the swearing.

  2. Come up with some creative alternatives. We might even hold a competition for best fake swear word if this catches on!

  3. Join the Restricted Section. You still won’t be able to swear in the main part of the forums, but we do have a dedicated adult section of the forums where all the adult stuff happens. The NSFW art, the swear words, the mature discussions. Say if you’re super angry and you wanna rant and rave and swear, you could take it to the Restricted Section! I’m going to set up a (semi) uncensored rants thread there now! If you’d like to join and support us keeping the forums running forever, it costs $3 a month on Patreon! Plus, you’ll have no ads!

I know people have a few questions about this, so feel free to ask away! But I’ll answer the ones I know are going to be asked below.

Will I be banned/suspended for excessive swearing?

You won’t get banned and it is highly unlikely that you’d get silenced or suspended. You’d have to be swearing constantly and ignore us when we warn you to get silenced for it. However, keep in mind that too many silences will equal a suspension. However, we do a lot of other things before we go down the silencing route.

So what do you do instead of those punishments?

If the moderators think it was accidental once or twice, they’ll edit your post slightly just to put asterisks in the swear words so we comply with Google’s standards.

If we think you’ve forgotten completely, we’ll give out a general warning on the thread for everyone to make sure they’re censoring out their language.

If it’s a personal problem we have issues with, we’ll send out a warning to you personally.

Then and ONLY then, if you don’t even try to censor your language, will we be forced to silence you for 1 hour. The silences will keep doubling in length of time until we have no choice but to implement a suspension.

Of course, you can appeal any punishments to me, but if it gets serious, I’ll have to ask you to go back and censor your own language post by post.

Can I swear in PMs?

Yes. Yes, you can. Just make sure you’re not making anyone in your PM feel uncomfortable!

Can I swear in the Adult Games section?

Yes. This is a free taster of the Restricted Section and you have to request access to it through @fcukforcookies or myself. You can swear there to your heart’s content – provided you’re over 18 and can legally drink in your country!

Hopefully that’s answered most of your questions!


Thanks for laying it out, Shannii! I know I’ve let some slip but do try to go back and edit when I notice :blush: and good to know about the restricted section and pms!


Fair enough!

“Fudge. That’s so fudging creepy.”


Love it. I’ll be writing these down :wink:

Thanks for the reply! Hopefully it’s not too unreasonable :grimacing:


Not at all, especially since there’s a good reason for it ie making enough money to keep this up and running :blush:


I’ve came up with a lot of alternative words with my best friend which is so funny like “Frost, biscuit” but these all makes sense.


Good thing that you comment on that matter. Frankly, I have noticed that swear words are being used too much and I kinda started to feel uncomfortable about it since I myself don’t swear. And you know, I can’t come to each one here and say “please keep the use of swear words to a minumum”.

So, it’s totally fair enough and thank you for commenting on it.


I’ve loved saying falafel in real life instead of… Well, you get it. Honestly, it’s just plain amusing- XD


Haha, I think I’m the only one in the world who doesn’t swear… At all.


Tbh it’s probably good if you teach kids. I work at summer camps often and the number of times I’ve had to catch myself…


Me neither! I guess it’s because my mom doesn’t swear, so I didn’t grow up hearing many swear words around the house. If a character has to swear in one of my stories, I just write symbols so the reader can imagine whatever swear word they want.

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Haha, my mom didn’t really swear around me either, and now it sounds so funny when she does.

I did that in my stories at first! But now I just have them swear. It isn’t me saying it. lol


Oh, you’re not. I don’t swear either.

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Woo! :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Yeah. I guess we are on the same boat, aren’t we :blush::grin:?


I don’t swear excessively but I do swear when I’m angry or joking (sometimes)


I guess this applies to me because I always swear my head off.

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Popped in to say I have another alternative. Shiitake (it’s a type of mushroom) :laughing: it’s also a good one for when you need to take the S word back in real life.

“Holy shi…take.”


Yes I love this one!!!

There’s also the sentence “Shut the front door you son of a businessman before I kick you in the asparagus,” that amuses me greatly.

My parents swore a lot a lot growing up and I hated it so my act of rebellion was to never swear but now I do a bit for emphasis or when I’m really mad (which has happened a lot since November 9, 2016). I also love swearing in French since those were some of the first words I learned and to me they are really just fun sounds, not bad words haha.