The Music of Ancient Civilisations

This is an interesting topic because while I want to know more about this, I’ve only done baseline research myself. I’ve always known singing was an integral part of a lot of ancient civilisations. And of course a lot of instruments specific to time periods and cultures too. Even certain horns and the like that were used in wartime! Would that count as music? I’d say so :eyes:

Obviously I’d be familiar with bagpipes, the Scottish loser I am, lol.

What culture’s music would you be interested in knowing more about?

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The harp or lyre is usually associated with the Southern European Ancient Civilisations. While the drum is associated with the more tribal ones. As for Māori, that’d be from their Polynesian roots. So occasional drums but not too often. Mostly it’d be their voices, the slapping of various parts of the body, and the use of wooden sticks.

I would really love to hear/learn more about South American music!

I’d be interested in learning a lot more about music in ancient civilizations

I’d imagine singing has always been big, but the style would change a lot based on the culture. Musical instruments could also vary tremendously over time, which would be amazing to learn more about

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