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@celestialkitten, @LHT, @liyahsdiamond tysm! Will miss you all too!


Goodbye my friend :disappointed:
I hope you feel better when come back

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you don’t want my heart


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I’ll miss ya! :sob:

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The News Thread
Keep on with the forumer news! :sunglasses:

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The second poll battle was a huge success. We had 9 qualified participants who all created at least 6 unique polls. @StarMaryGoth won with 69% of the votes and received a badge for her victory. She also picked the new theme which is art and film.

You can join the new art and film themed poll battle here


• A new forum game called the most frequent poster wins :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:, which was created to celebrate @Hanna1’s eleven thousandths post in the forum games category, reached over 3500 replies in less than two days and caused a few forum lags due to its posting activity

@Jass posted an interesting new RP/SG, you can sign up for it here


The last post wins is the first thread to reach over 10k replies
@Kimballet’s question thread will close tomorrow, so if you want to ask her something, make sure to ask her before the thread closes


• The new holidays themed art competition is out, you can join it here

@Rose is hosting her second emoji contest, you can join it here, the first one was won by @MeghanWrites


other news:
I successfully didn’t use eyes and sparkles more than once in a long post :joy::eyes::sparkles::green_heart:




I wasn’t too sure whether to put this in the food section because it is related to Mukbangs.

Remember the king of gluttony Nikocado Avocado? Well he has been a total piece of work, bullying another mukbanger named Stephanie Soo (the most un-problematic mukbanger) a long with the mukbangers Thien Lee and HyuneeEats. It was absolutely disgusting that they humourised Stephanie’s trauma (she was sexually assaulted) chanting “in-and-out of sleep” which was absolutely disgusting.

Here are the videos if you want to look at it. The first video is Stephanie Soo, talking about the whole situation:

What even angers me is that those who are friends with Nikocado Avocado defended him for being horrible to her. I am sharing this because we can all relate to situations like this because we all gotta be careful with who we open up to.

Also, I recommend watching Ready To Glare because her videos are awesome and very informative:


This is about people I’ve never even heard of before limo.

But it looks interesting, so I’ll stalk it

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I watched that. I hate Nikocado Avocado, that fat shii.

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Tell me about it! I can’t believe he got so butthurt over the fact that Stephanie didn’t want to talk about the Veronica Wang situation (good thing Veronica Wang has calmed down now after the whole Shookbang situation) and I don’t blame her because that sh*t is all in the past. Nik made her so uncomfortable in that collab with Zach Choi (he’s no better because he didn’t bother saying anything about this). It’s no surprise that Trisha Paytas would defend Nikocado Avocado for his toxic behaviour because she’s so buddy-buddy with him.

I dislike Nikocado Avocado in general. He is the king of gluttony for sure judging by these calorific amount of food he consumes on camera, being so dramatic on camera and many other immature sh*t he does. Seriously, he needs help!

Also, I hope Stephanie Soo gets all the help she needs because she didn’t deserve to be bullied. Poor girl!

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I think Zach was just trying to stay out of drama. I don’t think he did anything wrong.

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I understand but still he could have stopped this. I just hope he stopped being friends with Nikocado Avocado because that would be enabling toxic behaviours.


Yea Nik is toxic.


Trisha Paytas is an idiot for defending him for that. Of course, toxic people would defend each other!

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She is so annoying, my god!

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Forumer News Thread

Date: 6/1/2020
Welcome to another news post, check out what’s new.

The ShanniWrites Awards 2020

@Jass had this awesome idea to host the first Shannii awards for 2020 where we nominate our favorite things based on categories. Voting is now available, you can vote here

The Most Frequent Poster Wins Is Over

It’s been a few weeks since the game ‘The most frequent poster wins’ and the winner was @anon93806337!!!
Did you guys like it?

  • Yess, it was awesome!
  • Eh, it was good
  • Nahh

0 voters

This Week’s Theme is Death/Afterlife

The theme of this week is Death and afterlife, so go make millions threads about this, i am curious to see…

~ More coming soon…


happily looks forward to the next broadcast

in the meantime…