"The problem with _______"

Let’s play a game.

Go into google, and type in ‘the problem with…’ and then put whatever. Your favorite TV show or movie, your least favorite, maybe something you’ve heard of but never really been interested, and see what pops up.

For example, I did ‘the problem with Marvel’.

And, yeah, I agree with these critiques. There are two, maybe three great villains in the MCU, which isn’t a great statement for a 23-film franchise, especially considering some movies have multiple villains. There are a handful of b- and c-level villains that just serve to make a commentary on the hero or on the world itself, and the rest are just a muddled mess of confusing motivation and bland character details. Someone in the Quora thing linked mentioned how iconic character duos like Joker and Batman are made by the villains, and you can’t really think of any like those in the MCU. Iron Man and… eh… Hulk and, well… Captain America and… Red sKull? Maybe? Overall, villains are definitely something the MCU needs to work on.

So, the questions for today:

  • What critiques popped up?
  • Do you agree with them?
  • Do you have anything to add?

I do agree with this, because many of our problems are about parents complaining that we didn’t do something right, and handling discipline issues in the classroom.

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they make it sound soooooo easy


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Oh look. Me.

The problem with humans:
“Much of the world’s population is already dying due to external causes. War, contagious diseases,and overpopulation. All of these lead to environmental degradation, poor nutrition and pollution. If a solution is not found quickly, these problems caused by the human race will cause humanity’s end.”

WHAT :laughing:

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