🌪 The pros and cons of the coronavirus 🌈

I was bored , so I thought why not make a thread about the pros and cons of the virus! (:

Pros ~

  • global warming is decreasing
  • No school
  • Helping Overpopulation
  • hows people how life really should be like and how we need to not take everything for granted
  • Introverts get to stay in

Cons ~

  • Deaths
  • having the sickness in the conditions and in fear
  • pregnant ppl bringing babies into a pandemic
  • Can’t hangout with friends
  • Businesses are losing money therefore the economy will go down and could be in big debt
  • People are getting stuck in other states or countries because airports have been shutting down and cancelling flights
  • Seniors (high school and college) miss out on so many things
  • Schools have to close or go online Which has a huge effect on younger children
  • People aren’t hiring for jobs so there’s unemployed people
  • People are becoming incredibly rude and racist to Chinese

If you have any more cons or pros of the virus send it here and thanks to everyone that helped me make this thread :purple_heart:

~ Rainy :wilted_flower:


also when people are dying they are dying alone cause no ones allowed in the rooms with them and another this is people are becoming incredibly rude and racist again Chinese cause of this

Also love this thread cause so many people are uninformed!!


I don’t even think there is much pros here?

But the major con is that people are suffering and many lifes will be lost and we wouldn’t know when will this end.


The only pro I agree with is the climate and pollution one. Lots of animals or plants are coming back because they are actually able to now. Other than that, they really aren’t pros.


Not just the Chinese, the asians living in other countries as well, because not everyone can tell a Korean and a Chinese apart.


Still don’t get the toilet obsession-:skull:


Yes your right I just meant like Asian race as a whole. It’s not okay for people to be saying the things they are!


The worst part is, people are using it as a joke.

If someone is sneezeing/coughinf, his/her firend will be like,

“Omg, you have corona!!!”

Come on, it’s not even funny. People are dying all around the world and you’re using their pain as a joke?



I really don’t like it when people are joking over it like that. Like, come on people, many people died from corona and you shouldn’t open your mouth to the devil, as they say.


Tbh I don’t think all the quarantines and social distancing is helping climate change. People are inside more often and so they’re using more electricity, water and gas. People are driving more to avoid public transport plus people are throwing away food items that could have been eaten


You know how scientists are trying to blame climate change on cows farting in fields? Well, I’d like to see them explain why the emotions will have dropped so much when people stopped travelling, because the cows are still farting, right? :woman_shrugging::unamused:

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I have another major con.
College students are getting fricked over…
If you are claimed as a dependent by your parents for taxes then you don’t get the $1200 stipend
Don’t qualify for the $500 if your over 18
We don’t get a tuition or housing refund
Don’t get to keep on campus jobs
Don’t have student loan forgiveness


I want to comment something about the social distancing. Many people assume that just because someone is introverted, that they enjoy social distancing and that quarantine is ‘no different from their daily life’.

Personally, I would say that I’m introverted around people I don’t know well or don’t feel comfortable with. I don’t like crowds, and I’m not the type of person to just go up to any random person, introduce myself, and strike up a conversation. HOWEVER, I love spending time with my close friends, family, and people who I feel comfortable with. I enjoy interacting with my students at work. I don’t like being 100% alone. So no, social distancing is not something that I’m enjoying right now. I miss my students. I miss my nephews. I miss my friends.


Another pro is that people get to spend more time with their family and pets and that students can finally sleep more since they don’t have to wake up as early as they would have to if school wasn’t closed. And students who work fast can finally have more free time which they don’t have to waste in school. It’s also easier to understand some subjects now, since we can freely plan our lessons and how much time we invest into learning and we can ask our teachers more questions unless they ignore you like mine do. A con is that our online classes aren’t really good and it will be especially bad for the final years since they’ll still have to write the same final exam but won’t have as much time as all other generations to prepare for it. :eyes::sparkles:

And another pro is that people finally move out of the way here because we have a rule about a minimum distance in my city :eyes::sparkles:

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Added a lockdown tag :purple_heart:

Pro: I get more time online
Con: …school work!!!

It’s good that people have been polluting less as a result, but all the sickness and economic issues really are terrible. I’d rather that the virus weren’t happening, but it’s good to think about some of the positive things in this situation.



  • I lost my job
  • I can’t find another job
  • I’m stuck at home depressed
  • All my treatments have been put on hold
  • I always feel like trash
  • I can’t wear a mask so I wear a visor and I look like someone from the Viking times
  • People don’t wear their masks properly and I wanna whack them with my crutches.
  • The government running around like headless chickens. Do this, do that.
  • Stuck indoors with my Trump loving family, meaning I have to put up with their racist and homophobic :poop: then call themselves Christians…
  • I sit and and eat and put on weight.
  • Job interviews done over ZOOM! I hate zoom!


  • Mother Nature can get a bit of a break from greenhouse gasses
  • I have time to write stories

And that’s pretty much it


Mmmm I dunno, it’s all good here.