The reptile cult

Our reptilian overlords have summoned us…

Who will join the reptile cult?

this is intended for humourous purposes anyone can join and you will be added to a PM if you like reptiles that’s a bonus, I love reptiles. I want a lizard

  • I’ll join
  • No…

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I love cults and reptiles, so I would be perfect for this cult :eyes::sparkles::smiley_cat::joy:


@anon68003072 is this purely so that you can run in the competition you have planned?

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:eyes::eyes::eyes:? What competition? :eyes::eyes::eyes:

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I don’t know what your talking about :eyes::sparkles:

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Oh gosh look at the time byyeeee

Maybe :eyes:

You will be informed all in due time

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And I thought that @Mysterious_Tea was the only mysterious user on this forum :eyes::sparkles::joy:
I’m looking forward to finding out about the competition that Meghan mentioned :eyes::sparkles::smiley_cat:


Oh it’s big.

Sounds eyemazing :eyes::sparkles::smiley_cat:

Like, olympics size sh*t

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I’m now gonna go create my own cult too :eyes::sparkles:

Why?? :eyes::sparkles: Don’t you like the existing 4 cults? :eyes::sparkles:

What are they? Bratz, picky eaters, reptiles and star?

Sorry but I’m hoping for 6 cults in this competition, hopefully more.

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Create an eyes cult then :eyes::sparkles::smiley_cat::joy:

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We need a few more before we can begin :sunglasses:

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Omg I might actually do that! But is it my thing? I think that’s tour thing

Yeah. If we can launch it when we hit 300 users then each cult can potentially have 50 competitors

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