The RP/SG breakups thread!

So in the spirit of this week’s theme ‘Breakups’ Lets talk about something that I personally only see on rare occations:

Break-ups in RP’s and SG’s.

Personally, I’ve only done 1 break up in my history of rp’ing and it was a painful one that later got fixed. I also did a ‘close call’ but that was it.

  1. Have you ever had a breakup in your rp/sg?
    1.1. If yes, how did you feel writing it?
    1.2 If no, why not?
  2. Would you like to ever write an rp/sg breakup?
  3. Do you feel like there need to be more breakups in RP’s/SG’s?
  4. Which of your characters would have the biggest risk of getting a break-up, and why? :smirk:



Sad days

I don’t think I ever rped a breakup
Did have them tho but they weren’t rped
Maybe I just don’t remember

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you missed Hazel’s and Allan’s right? :thinking:
or did we send you the summary afterwards?

I don’t think so but now I really want to rp that :anguished:
Jess and Dori broke up but it was just mentioned, nothing else

Drama is always good so yes, I’d like to see some breakups

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Pretty sure I read it

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Uhh kinda?

It was sad to see Scorp and Aqua break up



He’s kinda shxtty…

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