The scariest psychological game to ever exist... "Red door yellow door."

So a few hours ago I saw this video on tiktok, there were a few guys that were talking about playing a game. This one guy laid down, arms up while his friend rested his head on his lap. Massaging his temples. They were bringing him into a sort hypnotized state.
He started talking, describing what he saw before jolting back up. A indescribable fear in his eyes. He told what he saw, the true horror he saw but his friends kept laughing and didn’t believe him.

I didn’t know anything about this game, in fact I just stumbled upon that video on my foryou page. I started reading the comments. Some people said it was paranormal activity, which was soon debunked loads of other comments describing it was not that at all. It was actually a psychological game where you dive into you subconscious/unconscious mind.

First things first, an actual good representation of the human mind is an Iceberg: The top that floats above the ocean as reality, the stuff that is connected to being real, the world, your body etc. The big chunk that is laying beneath the surface, is divided into two parts. The subconscious being the chunk that rests directly under the top in the middle, and the unconscious at the bottom.
Your subconscious can be seen as the holder of all memories, a storage for all memories you have.
And last… your unconscious, the dark part of your mind that is to be kept hidden AND NOT opened. It is the holder of all your deepest darkest fears and nightmares.

What does this game do then? Why do some people get so scared while playing it, and why YOU should NEVER play it.

Red door yellow door allows the person under hypnosis to travel into the subconscious and unconscious. It starts of with the host ending up in a hallway, with three doors. One red, one yellow, and one with any other color although most are white. The host with help of a guide (person holding their head) chooses which door they want to go trough.
Most say the white/anyothercolor door feels normal to most, they don’t fear to open it and are comfortable.
The yellow door is seen as the door to your subconscious,and the red your unconscious.

But here is where things get… weird.

            -Disclaimer, if you get scared easily, don't read further-

You see, there are three key-appearances in the game/dream that you have to avoid.

  • The man in the black suit.
    This man has been in THOUSANDS of experiences upon playing this game. He is like some sort of entity that is present in your darkest pits of your mind. This man acts like a manifestation of everything you hate, fear and steer away from. People also call him, “your shadow form”
    A lot of people say that they saw themselves in him, but not your normal self. Your other side, evil, dark, the side of you as a person that you reject, that you fear. This man, according to thousands of experiences I read follows a strict pattern.

He stalks the host through out the experience, keeping a close eye on what they’re doing. As soon as you open a door that is meant to stay closed such as the red or yellow door, he starts following you. Acting like some sort of guardian of your mind. As soon as he catches you or you interact with him you will be greeted with horrible images. I don’t know what kind, but it is probably inhumanly terrifying.
I have seen video’s of people doing this challenge, and as soon as they see him they either jolt up, crying, or have a seizure. - Will be following up on this later

  • The old lady.
    Now, I haven’t heard much of her. Maybe it’s because she appears after “the man in the black suit” and since he will probably scare you away instantly, stumbling upon her will require you overcoming “the man in the black suit”

  • The room full of clocks.
    Now this is an interesting one. This isn’t some individual that chases after you or stalks you. However, this is something you might stumble upon yourself. They say that if you go into this room you might get stuck in there. You won’t be able to wake up from your hypnosis since this room bears some weird effect on keeping you there.

Now that I’ve covered the most known danger factors in this experience, let me tell you how to avoid suffering the after-effects.

If you actually read this far, I’d like to thank you!
But yeah, as I mentioned earlier, this game requires a guide. A friend that will be able to help when you get in danger.

Here are the rules.

  • If the host mentions the Man in the dark suit, Old woman, clock room.
    You or your friend as a guide should Immediately shake them awake as soon as you can. Don’t let them continue. You can traumatize or give your friend a seizure. If shaking your friend doesn’t wake them up, try splashing them awake with water.

I think I’m going to end it here, I don’t have a lot more to add other than a link to a reddit page of people who have played the game:

                               Final disclaimer

I made this thread as a warning to all the people who also stumbled upon this challenge and want to play it. Don’t play it. Especially if you are already mentally ill, it will just worsen your symptoms.
This game is only save to those above 40 (I think) It might be 30 but don’t take that risk.
Thing is, us young adults, teens are just not mentally ready to overcome our traumas/fears. We simply aren’t mature or ready yet. Your mind isn’t always your friend.

But to all who got spooked by this, your guide Kunimitzzu 'll try easing your mind.
Just be aware that this is not paranormal activity, it’s just how your mind works. It’s natural.
Think of the Man in the black suit as some duud who’s just vibing in your mind, like he is having a lit party in your subconscious/unconscious. And you coming in there will just act as turning of his lit music. Of course he’ll want you to leave! Lil homie just wants to chill in peace, leave him alone mehnn.

Take care! Hope this helped all you curious peeps out there! :heartpulse:


Well what do you expect? You are literally going into the state of your dreams and exploring the part of your brain that makes up the weirdest dreams you ever encountered, and that was just the small part of them you can remeber. Messing with your brain is dangerous af since even science can’t figure out the way it works.


I agree, I don’t understand why people even call it a game.
It does bring a question up, how would your alter-dark reflection look like… I don’t want to know, but I can’t help but wonder. Would I be a psychopathic killer? An emotionless torturer? Even thinking about it makes me shudder. As you said, the human mind is dangerous.

To everyone reading this, there is no need to be scared of your own mind, some parts just shouldn’t be forcefully explored. As long as you don’t disturb the natural barrier everything will be fine.


I don’t know if your alter-dark reflection would even be a person you see and understand. You know how in dreams you end up in places you know in real life but everything about it is different but you somehow know it’s that place in your subconcious state? Well I think something simmilar might be this man. A very vague shadow of something your subconcious thinks is extremely different from you. Maybe the alter-dark is just a refelction of every person you’ve ever met and the opinions you had about them all in one.
It could be anything, and I’m not tempted to try becuase I’m not dumb enough to attempt something proven to be extremely risky just to experience the terrors others expereienced.
This kids have the same mentality of a caveman who put his hand in a fire after his friend did just to experience hte pain, burning and damage it has done to his friend’s hand.

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Yeah no, I’m not risking it either. I won’t let myself fall further into Limbo.

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