The Simpsons (discussion)

Now this is one of my favourite cartoons because I’ve watched it since childhood, given I haven’t seen the most recent seasons but I do want to! I love it alot!

What do you guys think?


Love it! :heart_eyes:

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I’ve been watching it with my dad every day, my whole life basically! I love it so much.


My favorite episode is the one where they visit Israel
But it’s a lot more funny because I can actually relate to it


I think it used to be a great show back in it’s first few seasons as it often had witty jokes and was even quite progressive when it came out. As it gave great social commentary on mainstream media at the time.

Decades later however you can clearly see that the show has run it’s course as it’s just not the same anymore . Almost all and or all of the original writers have long left the show which impacted the way the storylines and characters are presented in a major way . The characters are also just not the same anymore and have been reduced to mere caricatures of themselves .What once was a parody of mainstream media has become mainstream media itself.

I think this video explains the decline of the show the best.


I love that The Simpsons has predicted the future. Some stuff has been very specific! It’s crazy :scream:


I do absolutely adore the relationship between Homer and Lisa. They are very different kinds of people,but they do care about each other and do try to actively understand each other.A very wholesome father-daughter relationship :revolving_hearts:



I’ve only seen some of the show, but I really enjoyed the parts that I have seen. The show’s been incredibly successful, considering how long it’s been going on for. I think that it’s also been through a lot of changes over time, but I’ve got no idea how that has affected it. I really enjoy the characters, and the show’s a lot of fun to watch. Everyone’s yellow skin also helps it to stand out more.

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