The Social Network

This is a movie about the creation of Facebook, I hear it is quite good, I first heard of it in school when school were trying to show us the affect of saying something bad about someone online (spoiler for the movie) At the beginning Mark Zuckerberg writes something mean about his ex on his LiveJournal then at the end of the movie he sends her a friend request and keeps refreshing the page it came out a while ago but here is the trailer!

What do you think?


When I saw the thumbnail I was like IS THAT SCOTT PILGRIM

I actually think this is pretty interesting, let me watch the trailer really quick!

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Looking at the trailer I’m really amazed and curious! It would be interesting to watch!

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I watched this a few months ago! It was a great movie (I won’t give any spoilers, but it’s definitely a recommendation from me) :star_struck:

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I really wanted to watch this movie but when we watched it in school, I was ill :sweat_smile: Now I’m not so sure anymore, it doesn’t seem interesting to me but I guess it’s a good movie

@ScreenSloths Have you seen this movie?

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Yeah, I feel the same. Part of me wants to but every time I think about it, I’m turned off and don’t want to too.

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