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When I considered making this thread, I didn’t think it’s go along with our weekly theme, but it did. Hot Topic is a clothing and merch store that was started in 1989 by Orv Madden. I have been looking at the website for things to buy, and I trust your judgement, so it’d be great if you can help me pick things out! Of course, feel free to show pictures of the things you’ve bought! You just might give me an idea.
Tagging @ForumEmos, of course.


Alright, here are some dresses I like:


Need all of em(trade out ouja board for regular hearts or something)

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Lol, I’m not buying them all, as much as I’d like to.

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I don’t really buy the everyday clothes, but I LOVE the crazy unique shot glasses they sell, flasks, blankets, pjs, and other unique things. I just don’t wear their clothes as everyday


Haha my inner goth/emo has been exposed >//> what do u need?

I just love everything, lol. Did you see what I posted on the rs?

Non, but I’ll check now cuz I’m curious

wuts the theme?

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Tag me? :eyes:


The weekly theme? Teenagers.

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can i folllow and stalk you to the post pls?

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No, sorry. 18+.

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ohhhhh sorry. i never registered what the rs was. tank u

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You’re welcome!

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Front and back of one shirt

Front and back of another. Which one? Keep in mind that these are for me.
Two different Linkin Park shirts:


I’m definitely getting that Honey shirt. That’s too cute to pass up. I’m thinking the black Ouran shirt with the roses or the one in their casual clothes and the Soul Eater posing shirt. Thoughts?

i thought it was about hot cop-

I actually have that BMTH shirt lol, the ouija board one, I’ll post a picture of it.

As for Hot Topic we don’t have one in the UK so the closest thing I have is EMP which is a website based in Germany :thinking: