The United Kingdom

I may have hijacked a previous topic discussing Firearms to discuss the UK with another member, So though this might be better.

Here you can talk about anything related to the UK. And ask questions of the British Members of the Forum.

Known Brits willing to be asked questions (Just let me know if you want to be asked)




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Probably better than keeping it in another topic :laughing: Mods might not be happy or the OP

Right. People do get annoyed, which I understand.

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I’m kinda a raven aficionado.

They are very cool creatures, I mean they’d have to be to get fired. Or of course one that saw a dead bird get so much attention it decided to play dead to get attention. It did so, so well that the bird-keeper beloved it to be so and tried to dispose of the corpse. At which point it bit him :laughing:

That right there is why I love them. They’re so smart.

That’s honestly hilarious.

Another Tower of London Story…

“Corpse” :joy:

Meanwhile, at The Tower of London…:joy::joy::joy:

a phrase that would not be out of place at some British Based fictional TV series

Wait, hold on. Was the bird that actually died a raven?

Exactly why I said it.

Ah yes a thread I like :sunglasses:


Another Wiki note fore you (Easiest place to find these events summed up)

Another story concerns the two ravens named “James Crow” and “Edgar Sopper”. James Crow, who was a much-loved and long-lived raven, had died. After noticing the commotion surrounding the other raven’s death, Edgar Sopper decided he could “play dead” in order to bring more attention to himself. His trick was so convincing that the ravenmaster fully believed that Edgar Sopper had died. When the ravenmaster picked up the “corpse”, Edgar bit the man’s finger and “flapped off croaking huge raven laughs”.[25] Likewise, “Merlin” has since been known for eliciting a commotion from visitors by occasionally playing dead.[42]

Glad to hear it :smiley:

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That’s priceless.

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I now love ravens even more, if that’s possible. We don’t really have them here, just crows, which are just as cool.

Ah yes the Corvidaev family of birds, all very cool