The 'What If' game

Hi, new forum game here!

Basically, the concept is very simple. Someone says 'What if…" and the next person replies something, anything at all. And then they say 'What if…"


person A) What if… dogs are actually unicorns in disguise?
person B) Better start giving them actual rights
person B) What if… Doors are actually walls?


I’ll start: What if every time you create a character, they come to life in an alternative universe? :scream:


Then we better hope they don’t figure out the multiverse before us.

This sounds like a cool idea

What if magic existed?

Then we better start a class on how to use it soon!

What if the Earth is flat?

Don’t walk off the edge :eyes:

What if food could talk?

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I’ll feel bad about eating them if they scream

What if devils exist?

bump, anyone?

Then you better run to heaven.

What if socks are just bendy shoes?

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Then shoes are just the hard ones

What if Moustalker really stalks everyone?

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Then we should probably ban her before she finds out our secrets :eyes::green_heart:

What if I actually turned everyone into ducks? :eyes::sparkles:

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Quack quack quack quack.
What if animals could talk, which would be the rudest?

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You! Lol! :joy::rofl:

What if water could drink us?

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Then we’ll drowned.
What if you are given three wishes, what will you wish for?

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also what the heck :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Love, happiness and… Peace! Or maybe meet only kind people. Idk.

What if males could get pregnant?

Then females doesn’t need to suffer the pain
What if you could invent a new food? What would it taste like?

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Super sweet!

What if we could sleep with our eyes open?

Our eyes will be dry as heck🤣
What if you could change one thing about your past? What will you change?

Hmm, you make pretty deep questions. I would change… a lot. I’d say defending myself.

What if you could learn one thing about your future? What would you learn?

Whether if I actually have a boyfriend or smth XD
What if aliens landed in your back yard?

I’d ask them about life in their planet

What if you could fly?