The Worst Parts of Character Creation

Just as much as we have the best parts of character creation which we love, there are also the parts we all dread working on.

What parts of character creation are the worst for you?



Personality and bio !


personality is a b


It’s the Likes and Dislikes for me. It may seem like a small thing but I always get stuck on what to put for some reason.




Personality and names

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Mood. I usually just figure it out while Rping

I hate the personality, and sometimes just writing out a character will be hard


Figuring out a bio. ugh :roll_eyes:


I usually just spew out a bunch of random crap and hope it works. My best technique so far has been to make the character amnesic so I don’t have to write one lol


Oh my gosh…that’s true


Likes and dislikes. I can usually piece together strengths and weaknesses from their personality and bio but I always get stuck on likes and dislikes


Likes, dislikes and biography.

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the worst thing is sexuality. I don’t know if my character will fall for a girl, a guy or a LGBTQ+ person so I have to risk it and write a sexuality and hope it’s the right one …

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I agree with others on the personality and sexuality! Sexuality is for the same reason as what @LunaticLeviTheSecond said and for personality… I tend to find it difficult to describe their personality when I haven’t worked with them yet because sometimes what you may intend for your character just isn’t what happens or what fits! So I try to be a bit broad with it while at the same time… trying to not make it obvious :sweat_smile:

Personality is the worst for me

its like i got the essence of who they are but ion wanna BREAK IT DOWN

bios :roll_eyes: I HATE EM liek i jus wanna nevjnigbrwuigbtein like if i give them a realistic one theyre boring and i agree but then when i give them trauma its so hard not to be cliche, mess with the guidelines, AND THEN keep up. the lives they have lived do make them who they are but its just like UGH. all of these wires to untangle and for what? for the rp to die in MAXIMUM two months?? bs. i detest it.


I understand. That’s why I just mix the realism and the trauma together and make their bio or backstory be the reflection of how his personality came to be. Like a lot of people write their guys are brooding and sad becuase of some serious childhood trauma, and my backstory sounds more like he is brooding and sad because as a child he was often berated by his older brother and it left him feeling worthless. He then separated form his family to avoid the toxicity. (No word of a lie that’s the last character I created and a piece of his real bio). You can see being berated a lot influenced his personality and character, but the trauma is more realistic and the reaction is also realistic while it is certainly not boring. (Yeah ofc in this bio his father died, but of a natural death. And it didn’t so much affect his personality as his mother and older brother)

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In roleplays, I always get stuck on the secrets part, weakness, and strength. Also sometimes personality because I always try hard to make one character different from my other characters as possible and also detailed… or else I won’t be able to portray them correctly.

I hate likes and dislikes I can’t I can’t they’re so much effort, even if I have a really big personality I literally always struggle with those :sob:

When I have a really specific idea in mind for an fc, then they can be the bane of my existence (especially males) because I’m never satisfied >.<