The YouTube channel psych2go

You may have heard of the popular YouTube channel psych2go, whether their animated videos come up in your recommended or if you’re an actual subscriber of theirs it’s likely you know what I’m talking about.

However, if you don’t know what it’s all about, it’s basically a YouTube channel that aim to make mental health more accessible. Due to a number of factors though I started to question their reliability.

  • They never cite their sources
  • I’ve seen discussions where psychologists or psychology students say the information is incorrect

In their description no qualifications are listed, it just says the person who owns it has experienced depression. They just don’t seem all that reliable to me but who knows? They might be.


  • Have you guys heard of this channel?
  • Do you think it’s reliable?
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(raises hand) Me too.

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I mean, I’d link the channel but I’d have to give a big disclaimer and I don’t know if it’d sit right on my conscience if I gave people the link to a channel with potentially bad advice

Oh I have heard and I do like that channel :eyes:
I never really questioned if it’s reliable, I just watch and not think much about it

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Ah I like this channel
I don’t really think about whether it’s accurate I just watch and enjoy aha I love the little animations

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I love the little plant people. And her voice is so soothing…

I like their video on gaslighting.

They’ve made the plant people into Genshin characters, and I love it.