Things you wanna do for others?

This was inspired by @/lanafrazer_episode 's original thread on the episode forums!

Are there any things you wanna do for others who are struggling?

For example, give food to homeless people, protest, take care of stray animals etc?

→For me, I want to adopt every single pet without an owner. (But I can’t because pets aren’t allowed where I live :sob:)
→ I also want to protest for Black Lives Matter, or for world peace or for a good cause in general.
→I would also like to help homeless people by giving them food or some supplies like a sleeping bag or something. If I could do more I would, but I don’t think I can.

What about you?


I love this thread, how has it not had any interest?! @Discussions

  • ShanniiWrites, I want to help her as much as I can.
  • When I have my own space/place to settle, I want to home animals that need it too. I want a menagerie of pets.
  • Charities. I want to be able to support as many as I can.
  • Protest for black lives matter
  • Donate to No Kid Hungry, Children’s Hospitals, and charities in general
  • Provide for the homeless

That’s all I can think of as of right now, but there’s a lot I would like to do to help others

  • Once I’m able to, I’d like to become a foster parent and/or be part of the 360 Kids Nightstop program (it gives kids a place to stay for the night if for whatever reason they’ve had to leave their home)
  • I’d also like to adopt a cat from an animal shelter
  • Support charities like the Sick Kids Foundation and the Trevor Project
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Bro I wanna do so many things asdfgh

  • foster kids for sure for sure
  • adopt a less fortunate kid/older kids
  • become rich and then give back so much that I’m not rich anymore, just pretty well-off
  • end world hunger
  • spread awareness on climate change and global warming
  • save endangered species and help the polar bears
  • become an activist and fight for justice and equal rights/treatment for all
  • help people who need it
  • help build wells and schools and hospitals and clean water systems for poor areas

to name a few


I want to do so many things… :sob:

  • Protest for Black Lives Matter and other good causes
  • Donate to the Trevor Project, The Cameron Boyce Foundation and other charities.
  • Foster kids
  • Spread Mental Health Awareness
  • End world hunger
  • Fight for people’s justice and help the innocent
  • Build a shelter for homeless people and provide them with basic amenities and help them develop skills that can help them get jobs.
  • Support Shaniii
  • Spread awareness on global warming and climate change
  • Donate to projects to save endangered animals and their species
  • Become rich so I can help other people
  • Support kids who can’t go to school
  • Becoming an activist
  • Build hospitals, supply good water, food and electricity for the poor.
  • Sign up to become an abuse helper. I can’t remember to correct term but basically you become a hotline for someone who’s going through abuse. Your their shelter and help them get their self back together before they go back into the real world or just stay with you forever

I didn’t know this was a foundation.

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He had a foundation before he died. He was helping other charities and fighting world hunger and other stuff like that.


Help others who have lost a loved one.
Adopt a lot of dogs(this won’t ever happen but still).
Teach people what I learn when I get better at drawing.

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