Think of a boring movie you’ve seen. Is there a way to make it better?

Yes. The Matrix: Resurrection. Make it like 30 minutes shorter. Please. @ScreenSloths

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Haha. That’s the third one?

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Uh…I think? It’s just so long, and reminds me of the anime Sword Art Online.

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Wait, is it the third or the newest one out?

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The newest. Resurrection, or something.

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Oh, so the fourth one.

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Yeah. I can’t stand it.

Okay, secrets of Dumbledore (3rd fantastic beats movie) is honestly a bit boring. It’s a pretty movie, but takes 2.5 hours while the plot could fit in 1.5 hours as well. What it really missed was an unexpected twist. I guess Alberforth being Credences father was the biggest suprise for me, but even that wasn’t unexpected. Honestly this whole movie is just about the elections, that’s it.

What I would have changed:

  • Bunty is Tina with polyjuice potion, her role really doesn’t make sense to me. They could have done something with that…
  • Grindelwald winning the elections, now he doesn’t seem like a real threat anymore
  • Some bigger twist with Jacobs wand, I still don’t understand what the big deal with the wand was and why he needed one
  • The duel between the 2 Dumbledores and Grindelwald that cost Ariana her live, it needed that twist of who actually killed her and would have been a great parallel with the duel at the elections
  • Setting up some mystery about who the mother of Credence is, it seems she’s just a very average women but that could have been an interesting twist. What if like Vinda Rosier was his mom? The parallel with both brothers having been in love with someone who’s now on the bad side, the way Credence would be torn between them.
  • Cut down on the weird monster in prison scene, that was just weird…
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2.5? Yeah, same with that Matrix movie.

I watched a “”“Horror Movie”"" yesterday called “I can see you” and in all honesty it was more of a thriller than a horror but either way it was bad and I spent the entire time wondering what the point was, most of everything, literally everything that happened just didn’t seem necessary.

If it had been more about the guy who turned out to be a survivor of the kidnappings 15 years before the movie looking for his kidnapper that could have been cool, exept they made him a stereotypical edgy psycho who still won in the end but you don’t find out who he is until the very end, which would have been a cool twist if say for example he was an undercover cop or something, instead it just came off as rushed and unessacary.

I definitely agree with this

I can’t recall any specific films but most of the time I’ve been bored by movies, it’s usually because of the dialogue which could be fixed with a better script

(even if the dialogue is okay, there are typically directions within the script on the delivery of said dialogue)

In general there are ways to fix the flaws in most boring movies. Sometimes it’s the pacing, sometimes it’s that the more interesting plotpoints are overlooked. Characters can sometimes be so unlikable or boring that you can just be turned away, often this is because they don’t actually need to be there at all. The payoff doesn’t bring anything together and the whole thing just flops.