Think This Will Make Sense

I made a post on episode forums for them to give us a “tab” for all culture accessories and clothing. So, for stories that will have diversity they can look right in the culture tab. What do you guys think?


That’d be nice but if only Episode gave us information added with the items so people can understand how to use them correctly and learn about it.


That’d be great if Episode did it.
But, I don’t think that Episode even did researches before adding the items, because they added headwarps in the male category, and they added kippahs in the female category as well, when kippahs are worn by men :expressionless: (Reform and Conservative women wear kippah, but only when they pray, though. However, not many Jews are aware of it, so they shouldn’t have added kippahs into the female category - big time, kippahs are only for men).


I kinda fell like people would not care anyway. I wouldent.

I know I personally dont have a conection with any of this stuff. which maybe is why I think whatever with it.

I kinda fell like people gets triggerd to easy over it. I just giving person a nechleash on with a star. I am not saying death to the jews. but i seen people act like I might as well have.

isnt it kinda racist to say you cant waer that because you are not of that race or coulture

like there was that entire thing with white girl waering a chiness prom dress. and then the whole meme my coulture is not your prom dress

And I say this as a white girl who used to own japaness kimono (dont any more sold it because i no longer did fit into it)

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Theres a difference between culture appropriation and appreciation. If you understand the significance and meaning on cultural and religious wear and want to try it then gladly do so. If you don’t and just doing it as an aesthetic then that’s not good.


It is a Jewish necklace I’m sure. The star of David right? Is that really saying “death to jews” if anyone wears it? I’m sure no. I don’t really know who said that.


I forgot the name and honestly, for me, it doesn’t matter who it was.

I understand getting triggered by something a person cares about. I can get extremely angry when someone says something bad or wrong about autism.

and I know its important to look into anything in a story before you use it.

but people also need to remember we have to work with what we have in episode and have a limit of 18 nechleash (not counting recolour) we have to work with what we have in the stories.

but simply the fact is the only way to make sure people dont use cultural clothing as everyday clothing. is to remove it. that is the only solution. and it’s a bad one.

the worlds not fair but that is how it functions. either it’s not to be used at all or everyone can use it the way they want to. it can’t be changed

I dont say people are not allowed to say they dont like it. or ask people not to. just be friendly and nice about it. it’s alright to bring attention to what it is. but remember this is a thing we do for fun in our own free time without any pay. do you expect people to put in hours of studying about a nechleash they just think looks neat

because in all honestly does it matter how they use it if they use it in a way there is not insulting.


Just because it might be misused, doesn’t mean we cant have it at all. I think a lot of people forget that. A lot of things in Episode gets misused. It’s not something that has never happened before the cultural items. I’m just saying we still need them either way to represent people. Its unfair to say just because specific individuals don’t know how to use it properly doesn’t mean they can’t learn and that others don’t know. It all matters by how much they care. If you be careful, mindful, and do your research then you’re fine. If you don’t understand what an item is or how it’s used then search it up and if you don’t wanna bother to do that then simply don’t use it.




Honestly, if you don’t care about how others will feel and how you use it then don’t use it then. These aren’t something you can just use however you want whenever you want. They have meaning in different cultures and religions. It’s versatile for a reason but not for aesthetics and jokes.

If you don’t understand it then learn to. Especially if you want to.




I left my 2 cents in this matter.

I would to continue this but unfortunately, I am afraid my comments won’t get through. and evrything I had to said is said and my opinion. please respect that. and please read my comments a couple of times and think about them. because as I already said **if it’s not insulting does it matter? **


I’m not saying I don’t respect your opinion and I’m not silencing it. I’m giving what I have to say.


It doesn’t. But it depends really.


That’s true. There are so many things that are misused by people.

But just because some people misused it doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea to give that feature to everyone.


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