Thoughts on Pay to Win Games?

To be honest, the only games I label pay to win games are the games you have to buy a subscription for. Like MMO and MMORPGs basically, the top contenders would be World of Warcraft and Wizard101 now. Most games that have pay to win concepts actually can be played without paying to win. It just depends on how willing you are to play the game multiple times to get passed the level you are stuck on. I play many games that are considered pay to win without paying for anything. I can see where those games might make people feel upset when they run into games like this. This is usually aimed at time management games such as Hogwarts Mystery, Criminal Case game series, and so on.

What do you think about Pay to Win Games?



Bleh. That’s all I’ll say. Bleh.

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I’d say that I don’t like Gatcha games either, but…Genshin. Venti laugh

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Yeah, I mean it’s more about your patience on playing these games.

True, that is one of few that is good to me too.

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Have you played it? You really, really, really should.

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Just a little bit of it!

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Following this logic any game that you buy with money is pay to win, which isn’t the case. Pay to win specifically refers to games where your chances of winning are increased significantly by buying something in game. In my opinion it really sucks and I’d rather the option not be there, they deliberately balance games around these in game purchases to incentivise you buying them. It sucks and is completely unethical and makes for bad games.

A game not balanced around this is typically far more enjoyable and doesn’t leach off peoples addictions to the game. I’m unfamiliar if in world of warcraft there are any ingame purchases that help you win but the MMORPG I play is Final Fantasy 14, there is nothing even along those lines unless you class a story boost and a level boost as such but unless you know how jobs play and the mechanics of the game you’re super not paying to win.

If you want to bang your head against a wall in a game that’s trying to get you to buy your way through then by all means do so, but bare in mind that the logic of simply buying a game makes it pay to win really blurs that definition.

That wasn’t what I was getting at when I wrote that part. Yes, there is stuff in the World of Warcraft store that can help you get farther in the game. Same goes for some other subscription based games. I also mention later in the post a list of games that other people have labeled pay to win games. The two games I pointed out as MMOs and MMORPGs can only be played by paying for the game. They are one of the few like this. It has nothing to do with games that do not have in-app purchases. So, this has nothing to do with standard games. This is just how I feel about it.

All of my points still stand in all honesty, including my point about FF14, it’s a subscription based game that does not make it pay to win

There is a giant difference between pay to win and pay to play

To put an analogy

Paying to play is like paying to enter the duel

Paying to win is paying for you to have a significant advantage in the duel

It is important to state the difference

Thanks for stating the facts but that wasn’t the reason for my comments. Those were my personal opinions on the matter from my experiences with playing those games. This was mainly a thread on your thoughts on pay to win games and not a thread about what are pay to win games. If that had been the case then I would of gone in more detail on what the games were. The point of what I said that you are bringing up is not the main point of the topic. It was just a personal note that I made. The main point was later stated in the girth of the whole post. I’m not putting you down for what you stated but I also wasn’t trying to come off as factual when I said that part of the post. There is a difference between personal opinions and factual opinions.

Opinions should be based on or backed up by facts

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But to expand on my thoughts of pay to win games, I don’t care about it in single player games because people can buy what they want, I think it’s unethical and just leads to bad games but I don’t need to partake in them, and I don’t.

In a multiplayer space if somebody paid to have significant advantages I would have more of an issue.

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I don’t like it but I do know call of duty on mobile has pay to win crates box.

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Haa…you missed that point as well. Yes, opinions are based on facts. I did get my opinion from facts but I just didn’t post those facts. You can also have an opinion without facts. It just means you need to do more research if you don’t have all the information. We have totally different opinions on subjects as we always have. Not everyone throws the facts in every conversation when talking about subjects. My point was this was just a friendly discussion not a full on debate. I’m going to leave it at this so that we do not take away attention from the thread.

Yep, a lot of the mobile apps a made that way.

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Yea, I rather wait until free stuff are available in game. Although I get 10 free crate box login in later this afternoon in call of duty on mobile. So I’m hoping to get a new character.

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Okay, in my original reply I did say my thoughts on pay to win games, about them being unethical and such. I responded to your thoughts or “personal opinion” because it was based on incorrect information, I would like to see the “facts” that state games you pay a subscription to play are pay to win and not pay to play. Yes, you can get through pay to win games without paying, I never denied this. However, paying does give a significant advantage or makes the game easier, typically pay to win games are balanced around this.

In Devil May Cry 5, a game which in the world of devil may cry is one of the easier games, you can buy currency which makes the game considerably easier but the game is not balanced around this in any way, you can absolutely complete it without buying anything, it’s just an extra thing that makes it easier. This is also a difference between in game purchases and paying to win.

I’ve stayed awake playing Hogwarts Mystery because I didn’t want to pay for more energy like the game wanted me to do. This is an example of pay to win or “pay for a significant advantage” in games which I dislike. I believe all my points are now fleshed out.

On another note I don’t disagree with every in game purchase, I also stated earlier I don’t really care if people pay for advantages on single player games, but let’s not pretend the games (particularly mobile games) don’t incentivise you to buy these advantages by marketing on peoples addiction to the game.

Cool it with the tone policing, whenever you post an opinion on the forum people can respond however they wish. Any discussion requires facts, in my opinion.

Same here! I do that with my other games which are consider pay to win games too. Login rewards are the best way to achieve those goals for sure!

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Totally. Right now I’m trying to get the tournament more to unlock a red sprite wallpaper for weapons but at least it free. Just need to unlock crown to get it. :grin:

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