Thoughts on Pesticides

As I do think organic pesticides wouldn’t be an issue, pesticides may affect human’s health if it’s consumed in the long run. Pesticides are also harmful to the environment which will affect the growth of plants.

  • What are you thoughts on pesticides?
  • Do you think pesticides are harmful?
  • What is an alternative for pesticides?
  • Do you think using pesticides is just a lazy way?

It’s baddd.


Uhh I don’t know…

Not really.

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Yes it’s harmful to human health though it has benefits in protecting plants from harmful rodents that may destroy them. People tend to over do it by spraying too much.
I guess there should be a limit to the usage of it.

From research Soft chemicals like soap, stinging nettles, and rhubarbs provide excellent alternatives to pesticides but I’m not sure how effective there are.

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@Foodies What’re your opinions?

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Uh… they’re bad.

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