Tips for covers on Wattpad

Do you have any tips for covers on Wattpad?

I think covers should stand out to get noticed and lately I see many rather dark covers on Wattpad, so maybe using brighter colours could be useful? What do you think about this?
And do you have any other tips that you think could work?


Think about the general vibe of your story and then choose a colour scheme that fits with it (I.e. if you’re story is sad, don’t make the cover hot pink)

For a more simplistic look, choose a symbol that represents your story and pair that with your title

Don’t go nuts with your font - sometimes a simplistic font can be more effective than a fancy one


I prefer simplicity, keeping the cover to the point, less is more. Think of the main focus of your story, and aim for a key portrayal of that.
I love making the covers for my stories, because they can also spark so much creativity.
I wouldn’t suggest to use bright colours, just use what fits what you’re writing.


How to create good Wattpad Covers? @WattpadWizards

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I know a lot of cover makers use Photoshop and go really hard with the styles/filters/textures/what-not. Most popular fantasy/sci-fi books have models, random shadowy things in the background, contoured text, etc. Most popular contemporary are either more minimalistic, or the same as above except with bright colors and modern backgrounds.

I agree that covers should stand out, but those are the trends I’ve noticed. Honestly though, it’s really just about decent graphic design techniques at the end of the day.

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