Tips for How to Attract People to an RP or SG

Attracting people to your RP or SG can be daunting, but here’s some tips to help your idea get more attention.

Tip 1

Post on the New Ideas Thread.
The New Ideas Thread is the first place that most RPers will see your idea. By posting the idea, you can see whether there is an initial interest or not. Then you’ll know who to tag when you create your signups, and then RPers will already be thinking about your idea.

Tip 2

Post on the Advertisement Thread.
The RP/SG Advertisement Thread doesn’t always get a lot of attention, but it is another way to get your RP or SG seen once you’ve posted signups.

Tip 3

Have a strong summary of what your RP or SG is about.
Take a look at other RPs and SGs. Each one has a description of what it is about right at the beginning of signups, the official thread, and when the idea is posted on the New Ideas Thread. This description has to catch an RPer’s interest. You don’t have to give away the whole plot, but the RPer needs to know what your idea is about. If they aren’t sure what the RP or SG is actually about, they won’t be as likely to join!

Tip 4

Once the RP is running, try to keep it active.
Even just keeping an official thread, signup thread, or a chat thread for the RP or SG active can attract people. If it’s active, more people will see it to check it out. Each post brings the thread to the top of the latest, which lets more people see it.

Tip 5

If someone is asking for RP or SG suggestions, don’t be afraid to suggest your own.
However, don’t do so much self promotion to where it seems like your pressuring people to join. Suggest it if they want recommendations if it’s something they might like. Don’t go over promote in places that the promotion is not wanted

These are just a few tips that can help attract RPers to your idea. This is not a complete list so feel free to give your own tips below!



Ooo, this is a good post— ty!! (:


You’re Welcome! I tried my best to come up with a few things that could help


Great tips, babe! (wink)


Speaking of this, is there any SG that has their sign ups still open?


Yes there are. Currently two of the three SGs

There is @CrazyCaliope’s Charmed SG

And there is my The Amazing Race SG


Wow, thanks. I’ll surely check them out. I wanted to join one for a long time


SGs really can be fun. We will be happy to have another person join an SG.


Added a few tags~

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Tip 6

Have plans for the future of your RP or SG.
Sometimes, simply making sure that it’s known that there’s stuff planned for beyond the initial start of the RP can help bring in more RPers, as they know that you have put the thought and effort in to make sure it can continue.

Tip 7/8

Pull some friends/active RPers in and stay motivated.
This ones kinda two tips in one.
If you have an RPer you like to plan and write with, try your best to pull them over to join your RP or SG. Having someone active that you get along well with can help keep you motivated, and excitement between you both can help show that your RP or SG is something active and worthy of excitement. Keeping yourself motivated as well also attracts more people to your RP or SG.

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SAW… check! (ticks)


Tip 9 Allow people to give input.

even though you host it, it’s an rp you do together with others. If they have a suggestion or an idea that may not fit into your original idea, try to be open and see if you can mix it in, this gives people the idea they are part of the story and have some effect on the story.

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YES! … Although, if you have the plot planned out, still listen to ideas but you don’t have to do them. (wink)