Tips for speeding up your time for getting ready in the morning

We’ve all been in situations where we were late for something because we took too long to get ready in the morning. Does anyone have any tips they’d like to share for speeding up your time for getting ready? I’d recommend taking quick showers and saving long relaxing showers for nighttime and if you plan on wearing makeup, I’d recommend laying out the products you intend to use out the night before.


Some handy tips for speeding up your morning routine

  • Don’t put your alarm clock next to your bed: I personally tend to immediately hit snooze once my alarm goes off and it can take some time for me to actually get out of bed by then. But by putting my alarm somewhere across the room it has forced me to get out of bed faster.
  • Layout your clothes the night before: Depending on how long you normally take to find the perfect outfit for the day, this can save up a lot of time.
  • Pack your bag the night before Whether you plan on going to school, work, or even the gym. Having your essentials prepared the night before makes it easier in the morning.
  • Prepare your meals the night before Depending on your diet this also very easy to do and eliminates the time it usually takes to prepare your breakfast.
  • Multi-task when your able to do so If you like showering in the morning you can also take your toothbrush with you and brush your teeth in the shower.

Oh and in case you have greasy hair and have no time for a morning shower, Dry shampoo can help with that as well .


Get your parents to get your breakfast ready while you are doing something else, haha, this is one I’ve used so much when I was in high school and saved more time than expected :eyes: Obviously I did this for them in return as well when they needed it!

The last 1.5 years in uni I mainly saved time by getting my breakfast ready the night before and put it in the fridge, then I only had to grab it and ate it while walking to the bus :joy:


Before the lockdown, I would plug my phone in on the opposite side of my room from my bed, so that when my alarm went off I would have to walk all the way over there to turn it off


Pfff you are very lucky that your parents were willing to do that. :joy: My mother would only do it occasionally for me when she had the time to do so , but seeing as I often had to wake up and leave earlier than her. I mostly made my own breakfast or bought a sandwich at the train station in case I was really in a hurry. :bullettrain_front:


Just yeet your phone out of your window, it’ll stop you from aimlessly scrolling through the internet and you’ll be 2h early :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:


I have to change my alarm on a regular basis! If I don’t, I either learn to ignore it or it triggers my anxiety xD


If u shower in the morning, make a mental checklist. It helped me like once. But it will prevent you from zoning out

Don’t make more than four alarms! If you have many alarms you might not realize how many there are and continuously keep shutting them off only to realize you shut your last one off and overslept. I keep three. Mainly because I’m paranoid that one won’t go off. I’ve also tried doing that thing where you put your alarm kinda far from you in the room and that worked for me once… but then never worked again. I’d just be too tired and walk back to bed after shutting my alarm off.

My advice is just to do it. Get up when the alarm goes off, don’t snooze. Do your routine without any distractions, don’t look at social media or anything until you’re fully ready to leave the door. :dizzy:

What I do… Is not that good but it works! I set my alarm one hour earlier so I can snooze it multiple times before decided to actually get up.

But I agree with Lee! Prepare your meals, pack your bag and pick your outfit the night before.

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