Tips on writing a climactic story and/or ending

So when it comes to writing stories and pulling the heart or thrill of a reader’s mind, us writers tend to go for the climictic, suspense filled and terrifying route.

We gather rollercoaster events and fit them neatly into an order that makes teh reader feel the same amount of suspense and lack of balance the characters might feel, but how do we achieve this, exactly?

Some tips to write a climactive story/and or ending, or just a part of the story can be:

  • Adding goals the characters want to achieve, and create conflict that push them far back from acheiving it, maybe more specifiully when they are RIGHT about to achieve it, and something strikes in their way.

  • Sudden loss of life, relationships, and ability to push forward can really create climactic scenes.

  • I’d say when you want to make the climax of a story really touch to read emotionally, and want the reader to really feel the hardship of the situation, make it a loss of character inside the protaginist or another important character, something definite. Losing something you can’t get back, psychology causes stages of grief in which your characters can go through in the story, with other events that make it hard to get through it.

Now those are just some tips that I personally implient in my story writing and other authors do that really put the story together and make it emotional in all aspects. Are there any others that you reccomend, @Writers? Any websites or videos that authors have published that bring out good point you want to share? If so, let’s talk about it, here.


The loss of a character or a build to an event works we but if you can, try something different, it’s kinda fun making up crazy scenarios

I don’t think you meant to do this but honestly, I love it lol. I’ve done that before but purposeful lmao.

I don’t really know much about writing suspense, but I do know that you kinda have to build it. Like I’ve seen stuff where you can tell people would try to make it suspenseful but it was right in the beginning before we really knew the characters- so it wasn’t suspenseful at all.
The best suspenseful story I’m reading right now is on Webtoon and it’s called The Remarried Empress if anyone wants any inspo.

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