Trending Looks Outfit Contest

Hey guys! It’s time for another outfit contest. Yesterday’s Episode art release was called Trending Looks and features a lot of new casual clothing!

List of Items

Limelight Generic Female Clothing
Sneakers Chunky Rubber Black Green
Sneakers Chunky Rubber White Pink
Flat Top Sneakers Flower Patches Black
Thigh High Socks Flat Top Sneakers Alien Patches Red
Hair Scrunchie Bracelet Cotton
Vintage Rock Band Strapped Bralet Shirt Cotton Grey White
Open Flannel Open Rolled Sleeves Cotton Red Cherry
Open Flannel Open Shirt Rolled Sleeves Cotton Red Cherry
Distressed Jean Jacket Open Denim Blue
Cropped Long Sleeve Jacket Cotton Grey White
Wooden Resin Pendant Wood Blue
Flower Hair Ties Flower Yellow
Jeans Ripped Fish Net Denim Blue
Halter Tassel Crop Top Cotton Grey White
Double Zipper Belted Skirt Flannel
Fishnet Bralette Thick Band Top Cotton Grey Black
Open Strapped Lace Dress Cotton Green Teal
Open Strapped Lace Dress Cotton Dark Purple
Open Strapped Lace Dress Cotton Grey Black
Rolled Sleeve Short Vneck Shirt Cotton Tiger White

Limelight Generic Male Clothing
Flower Hair Ties Flower Yellow
Rolled Up Capris Denim Blue
Belted Jean Pants Eagle Belt Buckle Denim Blue Oxford
Leather Jacket Faded Striped Shirt Cotton Grey Black
Open Flannel Open Shirt Rolled Sleeves Cotton Red Cherry
Hooded Dual Toned Tight Sweat Shirt Grey Blue
Hair Scrunchie Bracelet Cotton Magenta
Wide Brim Hat Felt Grey
Frayed Denim Joggers Denim Black

From our Wish List thread:

Limelight Generic Female Clothing
Athleisure Sweat Pants Cotton Black Ivory
Cropped Hoodie Cotton Black Ivory

Pictures of Items



As per usual, you have until Wednesday to join this competition. This week, you have to use at least two items from the new update. You can only use one image, and use the outfits and the image to create a scene/story behind it.

The winner is decided by a community vote, and the winner gets their outfit featured on the forums instagram account plus bragging rights for a week! :smiley_cat::sparkles:

Enjoy the contest, and happy designing! :two_hearts:

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(sorry for tagging you again @OutfitContest, my computer crashed at a really bad time and I know some of you want these)

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