☀ Tribe of Malapinchi ☽ (A fantasy/mystery/thriller/horror tribal Asian story)

~ An Asian fantasy-reality story of humanity, freedom and hope, aftermaths and consequences, test and trials, past, present and future, light and darkness, discovering oneself, friendships and kinships, leadership and truth. ~

Title: © Tribe of Malapinchi (Original) / © :sunny: ꧁༒ཞïცɛ ơʄ 𝕸ǟlåק𝖎ñƈɦı (𝕺rίɠเռąƖ)꧂ ☽
Author: Jannah Jackson
Story Description:
Tales of the Old Asians warned that WW2 scars still plagued the exotic-cursed tribe in the mythical land within the Pacific Ring of Fire at East South East Asia. The land of Sun, light & black magic, lies and dark secrets. Can you survive, solve the havoc, cleanse and heal, save and free everyone before it’s too late? Or die in vain?
FullCC/Choices Matter/MiniGames/Tappables
Genre: Realistic-Fantasy/Mystery/ Adventure/Thriller/Horror
No. of Episode Chapters: 10 (S1 Complete)
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5909308359180288

Cover (With symbolic meanings of the cover inside the story too)

Cover Meanings
1. No characters as they are a surprise and to retain the mystery of the story. It ruins the surprise if I put any on the cover. How often can you find covers without characters on them? Hehe.
2. My cover is a tribal style of The Sun and The Moon with tribal font words along with Light vs Darkness background.
3. The letters in the light sunny background are black because of contrast and also to insinuate the idea of darkness within light.
The letters in the dark night background are white to insinuate light within the darkness.
They are also equal proportion in numbers and distance from each other to signify the battle between good and evil. MALAP has 5 letters. INCHI has 5 letters too. So equal proportions of light and dark.
4. Cause not all light things are good and not all dark things are bad. Don't judge a book by its cover.
5. It's in the skies thus the stars and clouds along with the light beam.
The sun is on the light side while the moon is on the night side like reflections of each other. Scientifically speaking, the moon's light is the light of the sun.
Celestial objects overlap into the next background to symbolize reality. The moon can be seen in the day but usually, in the morning we only see the sun.
The moon also envelopes the sun to symbolize that within Darkness, there is light. In humans, good and bad exist.
6. The blur lines in between signify Dusk where night time is coming. We can't really tell when that happens or the accurate timing thus the significance of the blurred lines.
7. The light sunny background is slightly more than the dark background.
Light about 60% (3/4) and dark 40% (1/4) of the background colours to signify that light and goodness will always have an edge to eventually triumph over evil.
8. Light is on the left side while the night is on the right side. The left usually symbolises bad and right usually symbolizes good. Not for this story. Illusions vs Reality.
The Light beam on the light sun is also to symbolize that Light brings hope to the world.
Like the Light of Malapinchi.


<> A story inspired from various real Asian tribes ranging from West to Southeast Asia (mainly traditional Asians)
<> Readers who are attentive to intricate details
<> Not a simple, easy and light read nor for the faint-hearted
<> Preferably 18 above and with reasonable IQ to appreciate the story
<> Inclusion and diversity and multiple real-life issues addressed.
<> To anyone who enjoys the fantasy, mystery, thriller and horror genres blended with real-life experiences and scenarios around the world.
<> Chapters are generally slightly longer than most episode stories due to the nature of the plot.(15 to 30 mins but maybe less depending on your pace).

Asian & Non-Asian Character Casts

These are the characters from my story Tribe of Malapinchi.
Reference from the year 2018 A.D when the entire story was created because of the Episode Thriller contest.

Malapinchill-Malapinchixs/ Malapinchixs/ Non-Malapinchi/ The Outsiders/ (Modern times non-tribal people)


From Left to Right:

You (Age: 21. Born 1997): The CC main character. You can be any race and ethnicity that you want. It’s entirely the reader’s choice. You are from California(up to you living or just studying there) but you can be of any nationality or race:). You are currently studying at a Californian University. You made many bad choices and ended up where you are now… read my story to find out more haha.

Rudo (Age: 21. Born 1997): His name means Love from Zimbabwe, Africa. Yes, he is also from Zimbabwe. Also studying with you at a University at California. He too made many bad choices and ended up where he is now… read my story to find out more haha.

Jindara(Age: 21. Born 1997): A Thailand (Asian) name. Also studying with you in a University at California. A bright student with a tragic and sad past from her own homeland in Asia.

Intan Ratnasari (Age: 84. Born1934) : Intan and Ratnasari come from 2 different languages. Intan means Diamond in Malay and Indonesian. Ratnasari name originates from Indonesia Sunda. It means a lovely gem. She’s not African but more of native tribal village roots from Asia. She is from the Papuan people. Orang Dayak some people call them. She is from the West Papua, province of Indonesia.

Malapinchill- Malapinchians/ Malapinchians/ Original Ancestors


Unnamed China Slave(Age: Unknown. Born Unknown but in ancient times) Demonstrates courage, bravery, resilience and leadership qualities. He like his brother loves his mother and will do anything to protect her. Was inspired by the Great Garura to flee to Malapinchi.

Unnamed China Slave Brother (Age: Unknown. Born Unknown but in ancient times) Demonstrates jealousy, resistance, negative perceptions and blasphemous qualities. The few things he shares with his brother are that he loves his mother.

Unnamed China Slave Mom(Age: Unknown. Born Unknown but in ancient times) Very terminally ill but has a strong will. Loves both of her sons.

Unnamed Indian Dalit Caste Member(Age: Unknown. Born Unknown but in ancient times) Demonstrates lost of hope and a dim, bleak view of life but very much loves his daughter and will do anything for her and to protect her.

Unnamed Indian Dalit Caste Member Girl(Age: Unknown. Born Unknown but in ancient times) Demonstrates childishness and hatred for her life. Wants materialistic things and wants her life to be like the other kids that can play. She wants to be like other kids and being a kid she cannot understand and share the views of her father who was desperate to keep both of them alive by working non-stop. She was too young to understand the entire situation and began to behave selfishly. Connects leadership to brutality as the ones who were in charge of the Dalits were very brutal.

Sang Sila Tutama (Age: 5. Born Unknown) Takes the behaviour and views of his mother and…uncle. Loves materialism, fame and fortune. The easy life. Even connects leadership with brutality by ironically behaving like one himself. Stereotypical attitude towards females. Became the first official leader of Malapinchi.

Malapinchinks/ Malapinchis(self-proclaim albeit inaccurate)/ Sun Tribe/ Light Tribe/ Mainlanders


From Left to Right:

Drisana (Age: 15): Drisana means Daughter of the Sun in the Sanskrit language. She’s a mixture of Malay, Balinese, Sudanese, Indian, Chinese, Burmese and more races. The Malapinchian Tribe are very diverse because they have roots in almost if not all Asian regions.

Xiaodan Hinata (Age: 14): Xiaodan means Little Dawn in the Chinese Language. Hinata means One Sunshine/Ray of Eternity/Sunflower in Japanese. She is a mixture of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Mongolian. Her passion in life is fruits and flowers.

Deepika (Age: 15): Deepika means Little Light in the Indian Language. She is a mixture of Southern Indian, Northern Indian, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi and Pakistani. Her passion is design. For example she created the triplet’s skirts and altered the kids outfits. She is nickname Deepika the Designer.

Cahaya Bhanurasmi (Age: 16): Cahaya means Light in the Malay Language. Bhanurasmi means Sun in the Javanese Language. She is a mixture of every country in the Nusantara (Malay Archipelago): Malaya, Temasek(Singapore), Indonesia(Java, Bali etc) and Brunei.


From Left to Right: The 2 Estranged Bestfriends, The Condemn, The Talentedly Tragic, The Deaf Cook and The Blind Basket Maker

Rasamee Alisa (Age: 84. Born 1934): The name Rasamee and Alisa come from 2 different languages. Rasamee means Ray of Light in Thailand. While Alisa means Protected by God in Sanskrit language(thus she’s safe from harm). She’s descended from Malaya, Indonesia, Papua New Guinei, Myanmar, India, Thailand and more.

Hikari (Age: 84. Born 1934): Hikari means Light in the Japanese Language. She’s descended from Thailand, Vietnam, Chinese, Japanese, Mongolia, Korean, North Indian and more.

Dukun Dara (Age: 17(Last Alive). Born 1922): Dukun means a female witchdoctor in the Malay Language. It is not a name. Dara is her name.

Penan Clan Girl (Age: 15. Born 1924): She is the newly wedded wife of the character, Phassakorn. She is from the Orang Asli of the Abroginal Penan people in Malaysia.

Anh (Age: 21) She is the deaf wife of Bhaskar the Tribe’s Basketmaker that is great at sign language and reading lips. She is a very talented cook and has taught many students including Deepika, Xiaodan Hinata and Cahaya Bhanurasmi. She is regarded as the Tribe’s main cook. She only speaks to her husband so only he knows the sound of her voice.

Bhaskar (Age: 25) He is the blind husband of Anh. He did not let his disability stop him and he is the Tribe’s skillful and creative basket maker.


From Left to Right: The Ex-Bestfriends

Chahta Susilo (Age: 100+. Born sometime in the late 1800s. Survived long due to magic created to ensure longivity in the leading family.): He is the chief of the tribe. Susilo means ruler in the Javanese language. His dream was to be the magical newborn and subsequently travel to the Outside world.

Bomoh (Age: 100+. Born sometime in the late 1800s. Survived long due to having magic.): The word bomoh means witch doctor in the Malay Language. Thus he looks Malay. His passion was to be a fisherman.

Wuyi (Age: 100+. Born sometime in the late 1800s. Survived long due to having magic.): The word wuyi means witch doctor in the Chinese Language. Thus he looks Chinese. His passion was to be a martial arts master.

Cuniya Maruttuvar (Age: 100+. Born sometime in the late 1800s. Survived long due to having magic.): The word cuniya maruttuvar means witch doctor in the Indian Language. Thus he looks Indian. His passion was to be a hunter.



From Left to Right:

Aadavan : The meaning of the name is "Brilliant like the sun" from Indian or Tamil origin. Usually it’s just The Sun. He is a mixture of Southern Indian, Sri Lankan and Rohingyan.

Aarush : A Hindu/Indian name (आरुष) from Sanskrit meaning “first ray of the sun” as in the mark of dawn. He is a mixture of Indian and the aboriginal people.

Azar : Iranian name from a personal name based on Persian azer ‘fire’. He is a mixture of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Arabia, Turkey and Malay.

Suriawati (Age: 5. Born: 2013) : Female Sun in the Malay language. She is the sister of Azar. She is a mixture of the whole Malay community: Malay, Minangkabau, Javanese, Borneo etc.

Mentari (Age: 130+ . Born in mid-1800s. Chahta Susilo’s father) : It means The Sun in the Malay language.


From Left to Right: The first three are NOT AFRICAN but ASIAN too. Yes it’s amazing when I found out too.

Semang Clan Boy : I can’t find names from the Semang Tribe in Malaysia :frowning:. Esp Sun names. But yes, he is inspired from the real Semang Tribe in the heart forests of Malaysia. One of the Orang Asli.

Aeta Clan Girl(Age: 6. Born: 2012) : I can’t find names from the actual Aeta Tribe in Philippines :frowning:. Esp Sun names.

Jarawa Clan Boy : I can’t find names from the actual Jarawa Tribe in India :frowning:. Esp Sun names.

Dawi (Toran Clan Boy. Age: 41. Born: 1977): One of the Asian Pygymies or short stature people. Toran Tribe is found in Myanmar and is believed to be descended from Mongolia. Character is a dwarf with a fierce temper and strong beliefs in doing the right things such as getting equality, fairness and justice.


From Left to Right:

Arunny (Age: 28. Born: 1911) : Arunny means morning sun from the Cambodian language. #Asian

Prapa(Age: 29. Born: 1910) : Prapa means light, shine and radiance from Thailand.

Phassakorn the Protector (Age 18. Born: 1921): Phassakorn means Sun in Thailand.

Rainsey (aka Rainsey the Rascal/Rainsey the Reckless./Rainsey the Rightous. Age: 16. Born: 1923): Rainsey means Ray of the Sun from Cambodian language.

Malapinchins (what they call themselves)/ Malapinssics (what the Malapinchinks call them as a representation of their outcast breed)/ Dark Tribe/ Islanders



From Left to Right:

  • Haizina (Darkness from the Malagasy language #Astronesian).
    She is the classic version of Hikari from INK. It’s to symbolise that darkness does transform people. She is with Hei An.

  • Hei An (Darkness from Chinese Traditional language. #Asian)
    He is the classic version of Phassakorn from INK. He is with Haizina.

  • Ochichiri (The Odd One Out/The Outstanding One) (Darkness from Igbo language #African)
    She is the classic version of Arunny from INK.

  • Toi ( Darkness. Technically its Bong Toi from the Vietnamese language. #Asian)
    He is the classic version of Rainsey from INK. He is with Pouri.

  • Pouri (Darkness from the Maori Language. #Astronesian)
    She is the classic version of Prapa from INK. She is with Toi.

  • Lefifi (Darkness or dark from the Sesotho Language. #African)

  • Peteng (Darkness in Javanese language. #Astronesian) He is the classic version of an unnamed INK character that is not onscreen. He is with Gelap.

  • Gelap (Darkness from the Malay language #Astronesian). She is the classic version of an unnamed INK character that is not onscreen. She is with Peteng.


TRIBE OF MALAPINCHI IS OUT NOW ON YOUTUBE! FEEL FREE TO CHECK IT OUT! :fire::heart::sparkling_heart::revolving_hearts::two_hearts:


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