(Trigger Waring: Gun Use & Depression Mention + Impication ) Honest Opinions On An Emotional Scene Start + Ideas On How it Can Be Contunued!

About a month after the incident, of Emma not eating and hardly sleeping, FELIX sees EMMA crying in the campus garden

(It hurts seeing her so upset and miserable…)

Later, Felix and Sophia walk in on EMMA holding a gun

Emma, don’t!

So, now you care about me?!

Well, guess what?!

EMMA holds the gun to her chest with her finger on the trigger as tears pour down her cheeks

It’s too late!


Backstory: Emma was trying to be a good friend & sister, but it backfired, Emma’s twin cheated with her ex, and chose him over her, Felix, who’s Emma’s best friend, had a girlfriend who cheated on him twice, and when Emma told him about it the second time, he told her off and told her he regretted everything about her being in his life, over the next few months, Emma became depressed more and more feeling unloved and unwanted, and now this is happening, because Emma is desprate and can’t take it anymore. She can only take so much heartbreak, and sadly, her most loved ones, are pushing her to the edge, into a downward spiral that can’t be fixed once she’s in it.

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Maybe put the trigger warning before everything else in the title?

Something like: “Gun Use Trigger Warning”


That doesn’t help with the scene which is why I posted the thread in the first place.


I’m saying to fix your title. The trigger warning is at the end when it’s better to be put in front of the title. So people can decide whether they want to open the whole thread or not. It’s recommended for people sensitive to what you’re discussing.

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What exactly do you need help with? Animation choices?

To know how it sounds and knowing how the scene itself can be continued

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Gotcha, let me go back over it then.

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Oki @WolfGamerGirl37

This, honestly, provokes a lot of emotions and for me, I feel bad for Emma. :disappointed: If you were to add dialogue about Emma shooting herself, I probably would’ve cried. I think you did a good job provoking me.


@WolfGamerGirl37 I saw that you started replying earlier, but then stopped. What happened?

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Maybe busy irl?

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Moved to writing help/advice and added some tags :sparkles:


Sorry, I had to help my dad with something. I will finish what I was typing now.

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I would go in more depth with Felix meeting up with Sophia to find Emma.

You should have them both run over to her at this point.

This should be before they reach her. You can also just have one run over while the other tries to calm her down with words to distract Emma. I’m not sure what to put down as dialogue for the distraction though.

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Closed thread due to OP breaking the Criticism rule multiple times.