Underrated musical instruments

What are some instruments you think are overrated?

We typically know the ones in bands for school or typical orchestra instruments but what are some uncommon ones that you think deserve some more love?

@Music? I’m interested in hearing which one’s you think deserve more cred.

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I loved playing with zxylophones when I was a kid. Do you have one now?

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Nope. I just like them.

Umm… damn it… one just came to mind but I instantly forgot it when I pressed reply to type. BUGGER!

for me, i think bagpipes are underrated… i lowkey pretty much love the sound of that instrument

@Music what are some underrated musical instruments you know of?

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I reckon @Ouijaloveletters would say a triangle.

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Yep. And xylophone.

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Oh, yup. I agree with that one.

I like timpani

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oh yeah, this is another one I love

I have a kalimba.

The oboe, tuba, and celesta

Those make such a pretty sound

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They do. If only I knew how to play.

I think guitar I guess

I think flute is kinda underrated? I absolutely love flute music

I think that the viola is kind of underrated. Everyone knows about cello and violin, but I’m sure not many of us have ever heard of a viola. It’s actually a bit bigger than a violin. Viola sounds really denser than the violin. That’s why I really love it, especially in orchestras.